Jul.26 - Max Verstappen's "charisma factor" makes him the most engaging driver in Formula 1.

That is the view of two-time champion Fernando Alonso, who after also once starring as F1's fiery young charger is now preparing to turn 40.

The Spaniard says he will continue to race while his "body" allows it and "I am having fun and being competitive".

"For now I'm having a good time," he told Soymotor. "I'm having fun and enjoying the races and even the off-track activities, which is something I thought I would never say."

Alonso admits that, prior to his 2021 comeback following a two-season sabbatical, he watched the races on television due in large part to Verstappen.

Verstappen, 23, is currently leading the 2021 world championship and locked in an intense battle with seven time title winner Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso says the Dutchman has "something extra" that truly excites the fans.

"It's not only about victories, because Verstappen is in fact not yet world champion," he said.

"But he can colour an entire circuit. Even last year, when I was not racing, when I put on the television it was a little to just see what Max was doing.

"He was the only one who would do something. We knew that Bottas will not bother Hamilton and that Hamilton was going to win if nothing strange happened.

"But Verstappen? Wow. This charisma factor or whatever is important too," Alonso added.

"I enjoy it, and also seeing all those enthusiastic people who support him. I was lucky enough to experience it myself with Renault for many years, but I feel no envy now - just pure admiration."

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31 F1 Fan comments on “Alonso claims Hamilton lacks Verstappen's charisma factor

    • shroppyfly

      what i do find is , when he talks he seems genuine and interested when hamilton talks i just switch off, i'm waiting for the day when he says hes marrying his dog, at least that would be newsworthy and make me smile, as opposed to the repetitive drivel he now says .

  1. Hendrik Theart

    Max has got the late James Hunt and Senna arrogance and ability and the late Niky Lauda perseverance and capability, but yet very humble. That makes him very competitive and a dangerous "enemy" on the racing track. You go boy and show them how it is done.

    • madra mor

      the biggest difference between them is when Max wakes up and looks in the mirror he likes the man in the mirror.hamas not so much hes searching for something he hasnt got.the hair the clothes the scooter wrapping himself in the butchers apron , the blm ,all signs hes not content with what hes got.plenty of money in the bank should f++k off somewhere out of the public eye.and give us a break from the sideshow.

    • Linda

      Max, humble? Really. He has never been humble since he got into F1. I think he's been brought up to think he's No. 1 & everyone else is beneath him. Do you not remember after 1 race, that Max was filmed having a go at Ocon. Not content with the first shove, he decided a second one was in order. Humble? Remember him replying to a journalist who asked about his crashes, & Max replied that the next person who asked him that question was going to be head butted. Humble? I doubt Max even knows what that means imo

      • shroppyfly

        Im pretty sure they do ,those crazy dutch people, oh and the word for humble in Dutch is vernederen , and headbutt for Linda is kopstoot .
        Thats that sorted then, happy now Linda?

  2. Jax

    The kid's got moxy....no doubt. I Like it.. It'll be interesting to see how he handles something he hasn't felt in F1 till now. Fear!
    Now that he's resurrected the dog fighter in Hammer, let's see how he handles the pressure of Lewis nipping at his heals to retake the championship lead.

    On a side note, did anyone else laugh when Leclerc gave Hammer a wide berth when he got passed at copse? Lol

    • Uptown’s finest

      He gave him room because that’s what a responsible driver does, obviously you have watched replays of Max’s crashes. Don’t be mad that Lewis won’t take that shit from him and he’ll never push Lewis like he did ocon. With two black eyes max would really look like a raccoon

  3. shroppyfly

    Interesting, the fia believe grounds enough for a review hearing

    According to the FIA’s international sporting code, in order for such a review to be granted there needs to be “a significant and relevant new element which was unavailable to the parties seeking the preview at the time of the decision concerned”.

    Red Bull have officially pressed ahead with their threat to seek further action against Lewis Hamilton for his Silverstone collision with Max Verstappen.

  4. Van

    Both talented and very competitive drivers
    But Max is way more authentic. Doesn't need show, and isn't looking for attention. Lewis is all about show and attention, and at times he shows signs of hypocrisy.
    I prefer Max, as the majority of F1 fans do.

  5. Uptown’s finest

    Wow Alonso has won in anything in years, left F1 and still couldn’t win anything. Now you’re back as a wingman not the lead driver. Go back to carts cause Lewis has a career that will leave your name out of the history books. Loser just like the racist fans in Spain


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