Oct.8 - Two-time champion Fernando Alonso has hit out at Formula 1 officials for alleged bias in their decisions to penalise certain drivers.

The Alpine driver criticised the way journalists pressed him about his driving tactics in Russia, insisting he is only matching the style of some of his rivals.

"I've been the idiot many times this year when I was overtaken by drivers who were off the track," Alonso, who turned 40 in July, said.

"There was never any action from the stewards and there were no questions about it at the next race," he is quoted by Spanish media.

He said the media questioning in Turkey and preceding controversy "confirms many things" - including his theory that "some rules only apply to certain people".

Spaniard Alonso claims, for example, that Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda has been penalised twice this year for crossing the pitlane line, while Briton Lando Norris escaped without penalty for a clear breach at Sochi.

"Let's see who is at fault next time, what nationality he is and what punishment he will receive," Alonso said.

2021 championship contender Max Verstappen, however, likes what he sees in the way Alonso races.

When asked who he would support as a Formula 1 fan, the Dutchman answered: "I would say Fernando. I just like his style - the way he drives."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Alonso claims F1 still has bias over driver penalties

  1. djole

    yeah Alonso is totaly right, Kimi and Massa got severe penalties whenever they touched pit line and Hamilton got nothing in Germany 2019
    also i remember Grosjeans penalty in hungary when he overtook Massa and his 2 wheels were still on curb, it was spectacular overtake and he got drive thru or something even worse for that
    There is also big problem when they pick someones ex rival for steward, like it happened in Monaco 2010 when Schumacher owertook some people on final lap under the safty car, as he knew all the rules, but Damon Hill was steward and he didnt know rules so he punished Michael, just becasue he hates him... after that race Fia clarified rules, but it was totaly legal for Michael to do that

    • Nobodysperfect

      Don't forget Yuki, who got 2 penalties! of 10 sec. this season during the Austrian GP for crossing just the whiteline with only 2 tyres. Can't believe Norris didn't got a penalty in Russia.


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