Sep.4 - Alexander Albon says he "won't listen" to criticism either from Formula 1 fans on social media or even six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton suggested at Spa that Albon is not making life easy for Red Bull's title contender Max Verstappen, because "both drivers aren't there" in terms of pace.

"Max is sort of there on his own," the Mercedes driver added.

When asked about Hamilton's comments, Albon said he is learning to block out the noise amid growing speculation about his place at Red Bull.

"I'm not here to make excuses obviously," said the British-born Thai driver. "But at least Spa wasn't a bad weekend.

"I won't listen to what Lewis has to say, but I know it's the hard work at the factory and over here that's going to make the difference."

As for dealing with the negative press and the criticism of fans on social media, Albon said of the solution: "It's simple - just don't look at anything.

"Throw away your phone," he smiled. "In the end you're the only one who can make the change.

"Obviously all these comments are there, but I'm the one in control. I just see it that there are opinions, and that's fine, but that's not what I'm focused on."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Albon 'won't listen' to Hamilton criticism

  1. I don't remember er Smokey Joe

    If Albon learned how to qualify better he would have better race results. Starting closer to the front would eliminate having to pass half the field or more and last lap heroics just to finish in the top ten.

  2. Boycott Hamilton

    Looks like Hamilton is trying to get some negative press onto other drivers and away from himself after the BLM virtue signalling train has on is a slow motion crash. He has NO right to criti3other teams let alone drivers.

  3. I can't remember

    I'm not trying to start a fire but if anyone, well I mean besides Villenueve(sorry for the spelling), is more qualified to critique or criticize any racers in F1. Albon is struggling within himself. I think HAM was correct in that Albon is not close to VER and the advantage of them running close together is lost and constructors points.
    If it were Keke saying it there would be no bother, if it were Vettel their would be no bother, and if it were Mark Weber who said it there would be no comments either.
    I think Alex could have responded better but he is in serious danger of losing his seat for 2021 if he doesn't have a huge turnaround starting next week. If he hasn't had bad luck, A HAM shunt and other stuff, he has had trouble like poor qualifying and like this weekend not staying within the lines during qualifying. Maybe that is why "Albon is not making life easy for Red Bull's title contender Max Verstappen, because "both drivers aren't there" in terms of pace."

    I know Black Lives Matter, do you?


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