Williams Racing is thrilled to announce that Alex Albon has signed a multi-year contract extension, solidifying his long-term commitment to the team. This extension aligns with the upcoming new era of Formula 1 regulations and highlights a mutual confidence in the team’s promising trajectory.

Since his arrival at Williams Racing ahead of the 2022 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, Albon has consistently demonstrated exceptional determination and dedication, both on and off the track. His outstanding performances have been pivotal in propelling the team to its best championship finish since 2017, achieving seventh place last season.

The renewed partnership reflects Williams Racing's dedication to building a competitive team capable of vying for podiums and championships in Formula 1.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Alex Albon remarked, "I am incredibly happy to continue my journey with Williams Racing and to work alongside such a talented and dedicated group of people. Despite a challenging start to the year, we have made significant progress, and I have witnessed remarkable changes within the team aimed at bringing us back to the front of the grid."

Albon continued, "This is a long-term project that I deeply believe in, which is why I have committed to a multi-year contract. The journey will take time, but I am confident we are building the right team to achieve great things in the years to come."

James Vowles, Team Principal of Williams Racing, shared his excitement about Albon's extended contract, stating, "We are delighted to secure Alex's future with Williams Racing. His exceptional talent, technical expertise, and unwavering dedication are invaluable assets to our team. Alex's long-term commitment is a significant endorsement of Williams and our path back to competitiveness."

Vowles added, "Since joining, Alex has consistently performed under pressure, and securing him for the long-term is a crucial step in our mission to climb up the grid."

This announcement marks a significant milestone for Williams Racing as they continue to build a team capable of competing at the highest levels of Formula 1.

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Albon Inks Long-Term Deal with Williams and Fortifies F1 Presence

  1. shroppyfly

    Contract length?, 12mth Quit clause almost definite..!! her needs a very special 2yrs now if he wants a top team contract

    • Jere Jyrälä

      A two-year deal at the very least, so until 2027-end, & exit clauses are in every single driver contract regardless of driver & team, so nothing new or extraordinary in this regard.

      • shroppyfly

        Incorrect DR had a 3yr no get out deal in his contract at Mcl, hence why they had to pay him out, i believe Fernando had the same at Mcl, drivers/teams =same clause/12mths notice

  2. Jere Jyrälä

    So, at the very least, 2026 & '27, but a surprise timing, given he wasn't out of contract yet.

    Nevertheless, this announcement should finally silence everyone who's hell-bent to believe in a Red Bull Racing return, at least for the time being, if not for good.

  3. smokey

    Alex's comments sound very much like they were written by the media officer for a press release!
    If Williams can make improvements to the car and become very competitive again, Alex will be right up the sharp end of the grid. He is great charger with top capabilities. All he needs is the equipment to match his driving skills.

        • shroppyfly

          yeah you can always pick out parts of seasons or whole seasons but generally, generally, without checking the results, i dont think Albon was as bad as the history tells us it was, ok hes no max , but neither is checo, perhaps in the past sacking/demoting drivers was done a bit to quick, perhaps....the main thing is as Smokey says Albon is way better than the williams and could easily be doing as well as checo is ( now ) , in our opinions anyway

        • smokey

          Certainly don't concur with that synopsis!
          When comparing drivers you need to take two key factors into consideration ~
          1 - the capability of the car they are driving
          2 - their results compared to their team mate in the other identical car.
          To the best of my recollection Checo and Albon have never driven in the same team at the same time. So it's not realistic to compare them. Same as you wouldn't compare Lance Stroll to Charles Leclerk!


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