Finding the right way to improve safety and enhance protection is very important in something like Formula 1. That’s why over the years and after multiple accidents, a variety of new systems were implemented to enhance safety and focus on the wellbeing of the users. Which brings the question, what is the Halo system in Formula 1?

What is the Halo system for Formula 1 cars?

At its core, the idea is to help protect the drivers and ensure that no harm is dealt to them. This is a protective barrier who ends up preventing debris and large objects from entering the cockpit of a Formula 1 racing car. It might not seem like a whole lot, but the great thing about the Formula 1 halo system is that it works flawlessly, it benefits greatly and it pushes the limits in a way that’s very interesting.

It was implemented forcefully in 2018 as a way to offer better safety methods to the drivers. Until this point, drivers had a hard time staying protected, especially if large debris ends up going straight towards them. But this Halo system offers better efficiency and by integrating it, now they are much safer and without any possible problems. That’s why it’s one of those things people appreciate, and in the end the results you get are pretty impressive to say the least.

What is the Halo system made of?

What is the Halo system made of?

Raikkonen driving the SF16-H with Halo

The Halo system itself is made out of lightweight titanium tubing. This is attached to the carbon fiber chassis in 3 different points, so it can deliver a very good rigidity system. It’s important to note this does come with a few challenges. The fact that it adds 9 kg to the car does show there are some changes which need to be made in order to boost speed. But that’s expected, at the end of the day safety is very important and even recently this system has saved lives.

You can start betting by clicking this link, and that’s one of the best things regarding the Formula 1 experience. You can enjoy it the way you want, you can adapt it to you needs, and this is always engaging and rewarding. Yes, there is some trial and error to be found here, but at the same time you will like the unique approach being brought to the table. That’s why it’s definitely worth a shot. And you will be amazed with its features.

Does the Formula 1 Halo system obstruct vision

Due to the way it was created, this doesn’t obstruct that much, since the bars are thin. The crossbar is out of the peripheral vision, so the driver is able to see everything, while still being able to see all the process and ensure that it works exactly as expected. It’s definitely an important aspect to keep in mind, especially if you want to bet in Formula 1 in any way. Rest assured that there was a lot of research and testing done before implementing this, so it’s definitely one of those things that you will be impressed with.


The Halo system is one of those safety features that has the potential to save people, and in this case it really does help a lot. It keeps the driver safe, and at the same time it helps alleviate any of the possible problems. Even if it was not exactly welcomed when it was first implemented, the truth is that it prevented multiple catastrophes and even deaths. So while it might alter the look of the car, it definitely adds a lot of value and it’s downright impressive.

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