Would you like to bet on Formula 1 but are not exactly sure how to, or how the process works? Betting on Formula 1 is done on an online sportsbook. If you are unsure about how it works, no stress! Here is a helpful guide for you to F1 betting.

Basic Steps to Betting

There are some steps to follow if you would like to bet on this thrilling sport. Let us have a look at these basic steps:

Pick your betting site: This is the first but very important step to any betting. Know what you are looking for before you try to choose the best option for you. Make sure to choose one that fits your needs and your wants. You need to know and ask yourself the following:

  • Is there a type of bet you want to try?
  • Which payment methods are the best for you?
  • How often will you be placing bets?

Sign Up: Register for your new account. It will need your name, address, phone number, email, and birth date. Confirm your email account and there you go; your account is ready. You can now add a deposit and then make your first bet on Formula 1. Good luck!

Add Your Deposit: You can pay on betting sites via credit cards, e-wallets, debit card deposits, PayPal, and Skrill. Some sites allow Bitcoin and Dash.

Place Your Bet: The last step! You are almost there! Submit your Formula 1 ticket by selecting the race, the driver, the bet type, and the amount. Betting sites also usually have a special bonus when you bet for the first time.

Basic Steps to Betting

Strategies And Tips

There are certain factors to always keep in mind and principles and guidelines you should always follow. Not just with Formula 1 betting but all your sports betting in general. Keep the following principles in mind at all times.

Keep an eye on your personal finances. Always make sure you have a budget in place and bet in a controlled manner.

You need to set proper goals. Take the time to decide what your betting goals are. How much are you hoping to win and what do you really want to achieve while placing your bets?

Prepare well every single time. Always do the research before and during a race weekend to help you make a well-informed selection. If you really want to be successful it is not just about luck but about being observant and doing proper research.

Strategies And Tips

Types of Formula 1 Betting

One of the nicest things about betting on Formula 1 is the fact that it is very flexible and there are different types of bets to choose from. If you learn about all the bet types you will improve your betting strategy and maximize your chances of winning. Here are some different types of betting within Formula 1 betting.

Race Winner or To-Win Betting: This is a very basic style of betting and even a beginner can place these bets without making mistakes or confusion. All you do is focus on a single race and then bet who you will think will win the race. This is a very popular way of betting as it comes with a lot of winning opportunities.

Championship or Futures Betting: This is also a type of bet that is fantastic for the beginner. This one is all about predictions. If your predictions are correct, you win the bet. You place this bet at the beginning of the season to make your payout bigger because as the season progresses, the odds-on winners will be reduced.

Podium Finish Betting: Looking for a thrill? Then this betting style is for you. Like most F1 betting it is straightforward. All you need to do is to pick a driver you think will do well and if he ends up on a podium you win. What makes this betting style unique is that your picked driver does not have to win, he just needs to be in the top 3. The only drawback is that the pay-out in this kind of betting will be low as it is easy to predict.

Prop Bets: This is a fun way of betting. The bookies predict if something will happen during the race or not and if you agree and it happens, you win and vice versa. It’s a fun way to bet, as bookies can decide to be as creative as they like when setting out these scenarios. They can also predict occurrences through the drivers’ skills in the race.

Final Words

Final Words

To bet on a Formula 1 is definitely something to explore and have fun with. It is very straightforward and fun and is something exciting to try especially if you are new to the world of sports betting. Have fun!


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