Formula 1 is a sport which enjoys true worldwide popularity and is managing to keep growing and finding new fans even after all this time. And as betting spreads to new markets, more and more people are finding that it’s also a pretty good sport to bet on. Betting companies are unanimous in their agreement that markets on the top drivers such as Max Verstappen, and the great teams such as Red Bull, are among their most popular sports betting spaces. If you’re just discovering F1, or if you’re newly able to bet on sports, then you might like to know a bit more about betting on this hugely popular sport.

How to get started with Formula 1 betting

The first thing that anyone needs to do when getting into betting on the sport is to find a bookmaker offering odds on it. How you go about this will depend on where in the world you are. Sports betting is well-established in some countries and less so in others, and you’ll need to make sure you can actually bet legally before you take any further steps. It should be pretty easy to find out what the laws are where you are - and certainly, more and more places are legalizing and regulating betting, so you should be in luck.

You should find a bookmaker who offers markets where you are, and who has good odds on Formula 1, which can best be done by consulting the likes of LegalBet Canada. There will be a fairly wide choice of sportsbook sites from which to choose, and you can generally just pick the one (or ones) that suits you the best. As a F1 fan, this may be the site that has the widest variety of betting options on F1. These options can include outright winner odds on the next race; future bets on who will win the Drivers Championship or the Constructors’ title, and even proposition bets on how many points a driver will accumulate in the season.

Joining up

What to look out for when betting on F1 online in Canada?

Max Verstappen Red Bull RB14

Before you place a bet, you’ll need to join a site from the ones you’ve looked at. This is a simple process - you’ll need to give some details and may need to supply some ID - which ends with you depositing money with which to bet. This is a time at which you should pay attention to the bonus promotions your chosen sportsbook is offering. Much of the time, these offers will give you more or less bonus funds depending on how much you deposit. Only deposit what you are comfortable giving up, and then pick a payment method. Once you have the money in your account and have secured the bonus, choose your bet (or bets) and place them at the site: this will usually be very straightforward, and the site will guide you.

Choosing your bet

Your best approach to choosing your bet is to start with a prediction you are confident about making. Do you usually seem to know who is going to win a race, and your expectations are borne out by reality? Do you have particular knowledge about a driver, a car or even a circuit that means you can predict the more unlikely outcomes, such as a lesser-known driver placing at a track that really suits their car or their driving style? Tailor your bets to your own knowledge - this is much more likely to pay off than making whatever bet the tipsters are insisting on.

Betting responsibly

You should also have in mind an amount you are comfortable losing. Yes, nobody wants to talk about this, but your bet might be lost. Even Max Verstappen sometimes doesn’t finish a race. You should never place a bet feeling like you need to win. That win can never be guaranteed, so set aside an amount you can spare and keep it separate from things like rent, mortgage, food and heating budgets. It’s great if you win, and hopefully, you will, a lot, but keeping your bankroll under control is an essential part of betting safely and securely - and that’s essential to keeping betting fun.

And hopefully, this doesn’t need to be said, but if the fun is disappearing from betting on F1, then stop betting. There are resources to help people stop, and it is best to do it early, before problematic patterns ruin not just your finances and your health, but also on a more minor level, the sport you love.

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