Introduction:Top Formula 1 Drivers

All Formula 1 fans, experts, and bettors have their favourite, but who’s statistically the greatest driver ever? From casino with PayPal players and fans to Formula 1 experts, the best F1 driver in history debate has and will always continue to rage as long as the motorsport competition exists.

Who holds the records for the greatest ever? Hamilton, Vettel, or Schumacher? Let’s dive in to discover who the greatest F1 driver in history is!

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher should be the first driver to think of when you come across the phrase “greatest of all.” He started racing in 1991, competing in the Belgian Grand Prix. Since then, Michael has accumulated a total of 1566 career points.

Schumacher has the second-highest number of victories, 91 out of 308 races. Most of these victories were for Ferrari, with a total of 72. Michael has 7 world championships and 68 pole positions.

Before Lewis Hamilton’s incredible form, Michael was the face of domination in the racing competition. While he is well known for his heydays with Ferrari, he lifted two trophies with Benetton.

After some lows and highs in the competition, it was until 2000 that he struck gold. Michael won five major titles and gathered 48 wins, making him recognised by experts, bettors and fans across the world.

Lewis Hamilton

A list of the F1 greatest players ever can’t be complete without Lewis Hamilton, who boasts 103 career wins, 4507.5 career points and 103 pole positions. With this statistics he is the best-ever Formula One driver in history.

From the 2007 Australian Grand Prix, he has won a race in about every season and taken victories in over 29 countries he has competed in. Lewis Hamilton is currently at par with Schumacher with 7 championship wins after losing narrowly on the 8th title in 2021.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel’s first competition was the 2007 United States Grand Prix. During his heydays, Sebastian was unbeatable, especially during the first three years when he collected five wins and nine podiums.

In the next four years, Sebastian Vettel became Formula One’s face, becoming the youngest champion in the world and winning four consecutive championships. Also, he secured the records for many podium finishes, laps led, consecutive wins, pole positions and grand slams in a single season.

Lewis Hamilton still has time to make history, but Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have retired. Many F1 and Neosurf casinos aficionados still follow Lewis Hamilton as they believe he’ll continue breaking records. The debate about the greatest F1 driver will never end as long as the competition still exists. But at this point, Lewis Hamilton is unbeatable!

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Is Lewis Hamilton the Greatest F1 Driver in History?

  1. smokey

    Must have a short memory! Hamilton is most certainly not the greatest driver in F1 history. He is #4 on that list when you take into account the percentage of races won by a driver. The only reason he is considered is because there are many more races in which to compete these days.
    It is truly an anomaly to look solely at the number of races won. To get the true picture, you must take into account the percentage of wins from starts in F1. That honour goes to Juan Manuel Fangio, with 47% of races won. Second is Alberto Ascari with 40% won. Third is Jim Clark with 34% won. Hamilton comes in at #4 with 32% won.
    It is highly unlikely that any of the current crop of drivers will beat the achievements of Fangio and Ascari, although if Hamilton starts winning again he may eclipse Jim Clark.
    When you compare different eras you cannot just look in isolation at the number of races won, because in Fangio's and Ascari's days there were less than half the number of races in which to perform as there are today.
    If you look solely at the past 30 or 40 years, then you can say that Hamilton is the best in that specific period. However, to suggest Hamilton is the greatest in F1 history is absolute nonsense, some would even say Bullshit!

  2. Tommy

    Is Hammy the best ever? No! Put Vettel in the Mercedes back then and Hammy is just another also ran and Vettel is 10 or 11 time Champ. If Hammy is such a great driver where is he now without the dominate car? Maybe he needs to reach in his pocket and grab a handful of those 8 tenths of a sec the announcers always claimed he kept in there just in case he needed them. What a bunch of BS. Ill take JMF right now until Max wins his 8th WDC.

  3. shroppyfly

    its not about a really good car and a really good driver, its about a not so good car and a Girl with an attitude, Hamilton's becoming unpopular because of his whole persona, i cant begin to list how many examples where i've thought mmmm that's a bit of dick-stupid thing to say or do, being blunt , if he thinks hes less popular, and actually is less popular, its all down to him, not us internet warriors, we have that smug sense of I told you so, and I can live with that very well .

  4. CanadianEh

    If The Dame wasn't black and a Bloke, she wouldn't be considered for being the F1 GOAT. Thanks to her, F1 was politicized with the woke BLM and Diversity initiatives.

    I grew up in a household that believes ALL lives mattered and that advancement due to MERIT was the only fair means to get ahead.

    Any ranking system has to level the playing field. For the seven years that the Mercedes chassis had God-like performance, The Dame won her Championships.

    When viewing Michael Schumacher's career at Ferrari, you may remember they sucked. Between Jean Todt, Michael and a receptive team of engineers, the turned it around at Ferrari and won all those championships. They weren't consecutive either. They fought for them.

    Mercedes built the brilliant chassis, put an excellent driver behind the wheel, and crushed their opponents. They single-handedly turned F1 into a snore-fest.

    Those days are over - thank Gawd - and with rebel teams pushing back, we're getting some kick-ass racing.

    • shroppyfly

      I agree with the above, but its game over for Hamilton, he could have achieved more not playing it the way he has Imo, er but have to point out MS and Ferraris wins were consecutive

  5. shroppyfly

    And going hybrid in the first place didn't help , i've never bought into the idea that f1 hybrid tech will affect road cars when toyota introduced the prius in mid late nineties, the mfrs didn't and still dont need f1, i remember working in Germany in a hall with 600 people working on lots of different production lines i counted 17 different nationalities
    F1 got wise to Hamilton now his time is nearly over thats why hes going for this massive contract, its his last hurrah, it even smacks of desperation, if Merc wanted him so much to sell cars whats he worrying about they'll come to him , hes played his cards first, all MB have to do is hold back and IF they want him , they'll get his services much cheaper Imo


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