It has been a mixed 2022 Formula 1 racing season for Mercedes and seven time world champion Lewis Hamilton, but he will be hoping for further improvement in the remaining ten Grand Prix's of the campaign having secured second place in the recent race at the Paul Ricard circuit - although he is still waiting for his first victory of the year, it was his best finish so far having come third at the Austrian GP.

It was also the first double podium finish for team Mercedes and it seems that Hamilton is enjoying the sport more than ever as he has recently been talking about a potential contract extension with his current deal running to a close in 2023 so for those who like buying their Grand Prix Austrian Tickets, you will get at least one more look at Hamilton whatever happens.

The 37-year-old became only the sixth driver in F1 history to reach a triple century of races, with the recent French GP being his 300th, and team principal Toto Wolff talked up chances of an extension as he told reporters.

Hamilton Tempted To Extend His Mercedes Future

Lewis Hamilton scores his first second place finish at the 2022 French GP

"We talked a few weeks ago about how long our partnership can go, and the number that was discussed was five to 10 years, so I think we can get to 400 [races]! Someone once said you have not just got to win the eighth [title], so why not 10?"

When asked about the 400 milestone, having previously stated that he did not want to continue racing into his 40s, Hamilton explained.

"That's a lot of races! I firstly just want to be grateful to get to this point. I'm still fresh and still feel I've got plenty of fuel left in the tank. Of course I want to get back to winning ways and that's going to take time. I'm sure we'll sit down at some stage and talk about the future."

He added.

"I'm enjoying what I'm doing, and feel really proud working with this incredible group of people. I'm also enjoying working with the sport more than ever. We've got some great people leading the sport, we're having great conversations about the direction we're going in. I'm enjoying it more than ever."

Having signed his existing contract back at the beginning of 2021, he will be almost 39-years-old when it expires and although he might not want to extend until he is in his mid forties, another couple of years could definitely be on the cards - at least that is what 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg believes.

Hamilton Tempted To Extend His Mercedes Future

George Russell & Lewis Hamilton before the start of the 2022 Hungarian GP

"It looks like he is in a good place still and relishing this new challenge of having George next to him, because it's still as important as ever to Lewis to beat his team-mate. He is still motivated, so I do see him continuing, why not for a couple more years? In terms of performance, look at Fernando Alonso. He's 40 years old and he's still driving at his very, very best."

With Hamilton knowing that his Mercedes cannot yet match the power of his rivals, the improvements that have been made could well entice him to stay until he can really compete for a world championship again.

"What a day and weekend. I'm so proud of the team, this is an incredible result. Winning races and getting results like this, it's about the whole package. Of course, we know that we don't have quite the pace of the two teams ahead but reliability is a huge fundamental part of the process. I'm so proud of my team for having the reliability that we do have."

Time will tell, although you would expect Hamilton and Mercedes to be pushing for 1st again, come next season's Austrian GP.

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18 F1 Fan comments on “Hamilton Tempted To Extend His Mercedes Future

  1. Wiggy

    I think he should stay in F1, get his 10th (oops 8th) work championship & break that no win after 300th race bumps! He can do it .... can Mercedes??

  2. CanadianEh

    I've got to wonder whether any other team would be interested. In any rational analysis, it appears that Dame Lucille is not the superlative driver his sycophants believe he is. Add to that his politicization of the sport has been a real buzz-kill. So would I hire him? Not on yer life. Mercedes are stuck with him until they refuse to sign or release The Dame.

  3. CanadianEh

    Question is, do Mercedes WANT him? After all, he's a good - not great - driver, very expensive (US$40 Million/year) and he's brought alot of unwanted baggage: first it was BLM; then LGBTQ2S; then the Green stuff; then the Hamilton Commission. They have merit, but not in a high-end sporting environment. Politics don't belong in any sport, yet alone Formula 1. They are an unnecessary distraction where singleness of purpose is everything. At least Vettel has the strength of character to admit his hypocrisy and pursue his external interests with the focus they deserve.

  4. Shroppyfly

    Lol that's funny cause as soon as realised the car was a dog/dogturd it definitely didn't look or sound like he was "still enjoying it" 8,9,10 15? he's as gumpy as Jax if he thinks f1 going to believe this shite..

  5. Shroppyfly

    With regard to this hammy bull suggest everyone reads 8th April 22 post about the dame and his future and yet 3 maths later we get this carp off him....

  6. Shroppyfly

    With regard to this hammy bull suggest everyone reads 8th April 22 post about the dame and his future and yet 3 mths later we get this crap off him....

  7. Susan

    Not too long ago, he was driving a S&#tBox and didn’t even want to finish a race. His theatrics were legendary. Stay, go, whatever. He is a tiresome individual. Too much drama, too much whining, finger pointing everywhere. F1 has turned into a reality show instead of what it should be, a great sport with a great history of cars and drivers. Niki Lauda must be so disappointed.

    • smokey

      Susan, I agree with all you say, however, if Louise decides she doesn't want to play any more and takes her bat and ball and goes home, we will have to find another one to whip!
      Louise makes herself such an easy target when she embarks on so many ridiculous ventures that aren't remotely associated with her profession as a driver in F1! Every circus needs a clown!

      • Susan

        Well, it appears with a bit more grooming, George sounds like he is up to the task. GR is still new to the the game but in another year or so he’ll find causes to champion. Hopefully, not clothes designing. One clown is enough.

  8. CanadianEh

    Well, there are at least three other comment's to this article, that are not posted above, but can be read in the tag-line on the right.

    What's going on here? Looks like the internet censors newly appointed in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Canada are getting a bit carried away.

  9. CanadianEh

    Dear old Tonto and his unspeakable arrogance: "... so I think we can get to 400 [races]! Someone once said you have not just got to win the eighth [title], so why not 10?"

    And other finger lickin' nausea. To imagine another decade of Mercedes dominance with the Dame getting handed another three WDC makes me want to stick pins in my eyes. Hubris of that scope has a special karma associated with it - where not only does it not end well for them, it ends in unspeakably awful ways. So, be careful what you hope for boy's and girl's. Some Mighty Smiter may hand you your collective asses. Like Graham Hill or Colin McRae.

  10. Donalf

    Just read about zack browns compulsive collection of drivers on his payroll,, 5, I believe now why would anyone want that many spares. Perhaps he's thinking each team will have 4 drivers next season," Nuts"


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