The Formula One Series – Drive to Survive is a big hit on Netflix. The series is a documentary that gives us insights into the sport and never-before-seen footage for some incredible moments.

So, what does this have to do with horse racing? Well, it seems like the horse racing industry noticed the success of such a series and they are interested in having the same boost.

Yes, horse racing enthusiasts will finally have a series that will give them more information about the sport, highlight the biggest horse racing events, and capture the true spirit of horse racing.

If the Formula One Series: Drive to Survive became an instant hit, there is also a good chance that the horse racing documentary will be a big hit. Unfortunately, it is hard to think of a horse documentary that had great success.

However, that is about to change with Ride to Survive which is set to showcase on Netflix.

Horse Racing Series on Netflix

Netflix has officially began filming a new series that will showcase the sport of horse racing from different parts of the world. Since we are talking about one of the oldest sports in history, they have plenty to cover.

The series will use the same module as the ‘Drive to Survive’ Formula One Series and will go behind the scenes of trainers, jockeys, and owners in the sport just to give us the option to learn more about the sport.

The series is documented by Box to Box Films and it will be the first of this scale in horse racing. Since the series will be distributed on Netflix, it should open a bigger audience for the sport and showcase some of the great stories from those who are involved with the sport on the highest level.

It all started at the Breeders’ Cup Championship at Del Mar last November when people from the production company started to talk about the idea of a series based on horse racing news & horse racing analysis. After that meeting, plans were quickly drawn up and it was agreed that the series will take place in the USA, UK, and France, which are three of the biggest horse racing markets.

Since the announcement of the series, many professional jockeys, owners, and trainers invited the crew to their stables just to document their operations. One such is the Irish trainer Joseph O’Brien who has some incredible horses in his yard, such as Hannibal Barca, who is +2500.

But that’s not all. O’Brien is the son of the great trainer Aidan O’Brien, who dominated the UK and Irish horse racing scene for the last three decades. The former jockey is now having a lot of success in training. He already prevailed in the Melbourne Cup twice, won the British Classic, as well as the Breeders’ Cup Championship.

US Triple Crown in the Center of Attention for the Documentary

Even though filmmakers have yet to announce who will they film in their USA, UK and France journey, it is expected that they will be focusing on the US Triple Classic and follow the three-year-olds as they tackle the Kentucky Derby.

Until now, there have been 13 US Triple Crown winners in history, with Justify being the latest to win all three races back in 2018. We think that the filmmakers will try to focus on their part of the story, and hope that their coverage of 2022 races will lead to another Triple Crown win.

Final Words

All in all, this is a good thing for horse racing as a sport, just because people will start to notice its value which will lead to acquiring more fans.

Although horse racing dates back thousands of years, it is still not as popular as many of the traditional sports we see today.

Maybe it is because it lacks in horse racing education and documentaries like these that will teach people more about the sport.

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