The 2023 Formula 1 season was a pivotal year for Alpine F1 Team, marked by a series of challenges both on and off the track. This report delves into the various aspects of their season, highlighting the key moments, performances, and internal dynamics that shaped Alpine's journey in 2023.

Team Dynamics and Performance

Is Alpine's team official Brivio returning to MotoGP next season?

Davide Brivio (ITA)

Alpine's season was characterised by significant changes in their driver lineup and management structure. The French team welcomed Pierre Gasly from the Red Bull family, joining Esteban Ocon as his teammate. However, the relationship between Gasly and Ocon was notably strained, with Gasly admitting to having "no relationship" on a personal level with Ocon. Despite this, both drivers expressed a commitment to professional collaboration for the team's benefit.

The team faced notable management changes, including the departure of Davide Brivio, who was demoted from his role as Racing Director. This was part of an "alarming exodus" of top staff, raising questions about the team's future direction.

Technical Challenges and Development

On the technical front, Alpine grappled with performance issues. Gasly highlighted a power deficit, particularly in terms of electrical energy and aerodynamic development, which hindered the team's progress compared to rivals like McLaren and Aston Martin.

They are the only Renault power team and faced a significant horsepower deficit, estimated to be around 20-30 HP, and struggled with energy recovery systems. Efforts to compensate through aerodynamic configurations were only partially successful.

Season Highlights and Driver Performance

Gasly's Disappointment and Alpine's Future: A Look Beyond the Turbulence

Pierre Gasly on the podium during the 2023 Dutch F1 GP

Despite these challenges, there were moments of promise. Gasly and Ocon showed resilience in races.

The podium finish at the Dutch Grand Prix stands out as a particularly strong performance in a season. He started from 12th position but managed to climb up the ranks in a race marked by challenging weather conditions and strategic decisions. It highlighted the team's potential and Gasly's skill as a driver.

Gasly was notably critical of team decisions at times, such as the controversial last-lap swap order at the Japanese Grand Prix.The drivers acknowledged the fluctuating performance and mechanical breakdowns, yet remained optimistic about the team's potential for improvement

Season Results

Alpine's performance in 2023 represented a regression in terms of their standings and overall consistency. In 2022, despite internal conflicts and reliability issues, the team managed to secure a 4th position in the Constructors' Championship and demonstrated moments of high performance potential.

The following year, while still showing resilience and potential, Alpine faced compounded challenges with technical performance, team dynamics, and management stability, leading to a lower finish in the 2023 Constructors' Championship.

Alpine F1 Team's 2023 Season: A Year of Challenges and Changes

Esteban Ocon & PIerre Gasly driving the Alpine A523 during the 2023 Italian F1 GP at Monza

Both seasons were marked by internal challenges, but the nature of these challenges evolved. In 2022, the conflicts were more focused within the driver lineup and reliability issues, whereas in 2023, the challenges were broader, encompassing technical deficits, management changes, and driver dynamics. The 2023 F1 season can be seen as a period of transition for Alpine, setting the stage for potential future improvements and adjustments.

In terms of standings, Alpine concluded the season sixth in the Constructors' Championship with 120 points. Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon finished 11th and 12th in the Drivers' Standings, scoring 62 and 58 points, respectively.

The 2023 season for Alpine was a blend of internal restructuring, technical challenges, and moments of competitive racing. Despite the setbacks, the team showed a capacity for adaptation and resilience.

Looking forward, Alpine's focus will likely be on harnessing the strengths of its driver pairing, overcoming technical limitations, and stabilizing its management structure to achieve greater success in future seasons.

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