Alfa Romeo's 2023 Formula 1 season was a period of significant transition and mixed fortunes. With the Alfa Romeo brand stepping away from Formula 1 after 2023, the team, operated by Sauber, faced both operational challenges and a struggle for competitive performance.

The Context of Alfa Romeo's 2023 Season

In 2022, Alfa Romeo finished sixth in the World Constructors' Championship, an achievement that matched its best historical result in modern F1 (achieved in 1983) and was the best since its 2019 return. This performance was primarily driven by Valtteri Bottas, who scored 49 of the team's 55 points. However, the departure of Team Principal Fred Vasseur to Ferrari and the impending brand change set the stage for a challenging 2023.

Performance in 2023

The 2023 season was a stark contrast to the previous year's success. Bottas and his teammate Guanyu Zhou struggled with the car's performance throughout the season. Bottas, who had been a consistent point-scorer in previous years, experienced a significant drop in performance, with several races where he did not finish (DNF) and generally lower placements compared to 2022.

Operational Changes and Future Prospects

A major development for the team was the departure of Alfa Romeo's branding and the anticipated takeover by Audi in 2026. The team's CEO, Jean-Philippe Imperato, decided against continuing the team's association with Formula 1, instead expressing interest in endurance racing. This decision was rooted in the desire for a fresh approach and a more significant return on investment, as Formula 1's sponsorship costs were becoming prohibitive.

The Car and Technical Challenges

The Alfa Romeo car for the 2023 season, which Bottas described as requiring improvements in "everything," failed to keep pace with the development of other teams. While the team brought upgrades consistently, they did not yield significant performance boosts. This failure to innovate at the same rate as competitors was a critical factor in their lackluster season.

Looking to 2024

With the brand name change for 2024 to Stack F1 Team and the transition to Audi ownership on the horizon, the team faces a period of uncertainty and opportunity. Bottas expressed optimism about the introduction of a "completely new car" for 2024, which could potentially revive the team's fortunes. However, the team will need to overcome the technical and operational challenges that hampered its 2023 performance.

Alfa Romeo's 2023 F1 season can be seen as a transitional phase with significant challenges. The team's inability to keep up with the development race, combined with operational changes and the departure of its brand name, led to a decline in performance. However, the upcoming seasons present an opportunity for renewal and growth, as the team prepares for a new era under Audi's ownership.

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