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Illegal F1 test saga now over

A saga involving a controversial pre-season test is now over. Last month, an unnamed whistleblower circulated letters to the FIA and some..

30 Jun 2014

1000 km Pirelli tyre tes for Red Bull next week

  Red Bull will conduct a two-day, 1.000 kilometre tyre test with Pirelli mid next week on Catalunya circuit. The news revives..

8 Sep 2013

Pirelli wants to do more F1 tyre testing

Paul Hembery has admitted he would like to organise another 1000 kilometre tyre test, although the last one with Mercedes' 2013 car was..

4 Aug 2013

Silverstone test data to be shared to banned Mercedes

Pirelli will share tyre data from this week's Silverstone test with Mercedes, even though the Brackley based team is banned from running...

18 Jul 2013

FIA test rules a blow for Mercedes, Ferrari

The FIA has bad news for Mercedes and Ferrari this week. Earlier, it was suggested next week's young driver test at Silverstone might be..

10 Jul 2013

Banned Mercedes wants Silverstone test for 'safety'

Mercedes is pushing to appear at next week's young driver test, despite its FIA ban as a result of the 'test-gate' scandal. The German team..

9 Jul 2013

2013's F1 tyre saga races ahead to Hungary

After the chaos of Silverstone and the subsequent boycott threats, there were no more exploding tyres throughout the Nurburgring weekend...

8 Jul 2013

Tyre crisis deepens as drivers threaten boycott

F1's tyre-gate saga has taken another dramatic twist, as drivers formally threaten to boycott the German grand prix. The Grand Prix..

5 Jul 2013

Mercedes wants to test on fourth day at Silverstone

Ferrari looks set to drop its plans to run rookies at the forthcoming young drivers test. Previously, only drivers with little experience..

4 Jul 2013

'test-gate' helped Mercedes win races says rivals

Mercedes' rivals are drawing a direct link between the illegal Barcelona tyre test in May, and the German squad's new winning form in 2013...

3 Jul 2013

Red Bull could have cost Rosberg victory at Silverstone.

It was Red Bull who alerted the FIA to a rules breach that could have cost Nico Rosberg victory at Silverstone last Sunday. We have..

2 Jul 2013

Pirelli changed F1 tyres without FIA permission

F1's tyre scandal could be set to deepen yet further, as a Spanish sports newspaper claims Pirelli - already under reprimand for..

2 Jul 2013

Tyre-exploding crisis being responded by F1

The world of formula one has already begun to respond to the crisis triggered by Sunday's tyre-exploding British grand prix. Earlier this..

1 Jul 2013

Mercedes wins while testgate still echos

As Mercedes speeds ahead in formula one, tempers remain frayed and fingers are still pointing in the wake of the 'test-gate' scandal. Many..

1 Jul 2013

Red Bull wants own Mercedes-style Pirelli test

Red Bull has asked the FIA if it can follow Mercedes' lead and conduct a 1.000 kilometre tyre test with Pirelli, using its 2013 car. The..

30 Jun 2013

FIA not banning F1 teams from Pirelli tests

In the fallout of the 'test-gate' scandal, F1's governing body has moved to clean up its procedures regarding tyre testing. While Mercedes..

27 Jun 2013

Brawn hits back at test-gate rivals' 'spin'

Ross Brawn has hit back at Red Bull's "spin", after the reigning world champions said sitting out the young driver test next month will not..

26 Jun 2013

Hamilton: Silverstone F1 test ban a blow to Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton on Tuesday said Mercedes' inability to test at Silverstone circuit next month is a blow to the Brackley based team. Red..

25 Jun 2013

Marko said illegal test threat was only a joke

Dr Helmut Marko has said he was only joking when he suggested Red Bull might boycott the young drivers test and use its race drivers at a..

25 Jun 2013

Lauda insists that Mercedes not found guilty of rule breach

  Mercedes was not found 'guilty' of breaking the rules, Niki Lauda insists. The German team has been banned from the forthcoming..

25 Jun 2013

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