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Report links Kubica with Pirelli testing

May 9 - A respected F1 correspondent says Robert Kubica could get involved in Pirelli's preparations for the new tyre rules for 2017. The..

9 May 2016

Kubica: F1 not as good as before

Mar.19 - Robert Kubica says he would return to F1 even if the sport is no longer as spectacular. The Pole's promising F1 career fell apart..

19 Mar 2016

Kubica linked with Formula E move

Feb.8 - Rumours are swirling that Robert Kubica's next career move could be back into single seaters. Following his near-fatal off-season..

8 Feb 2016

Kubica: F1 'still beyond my reach'

Jul.1 - Robert Kubica has admitted that racing in formula one remains "beyond my reach" at present. The now 30-year-old Pole has been..

1 Jul 2015

Kubica backs Alonso's 'huge challenge'

Jun.11 - Robert Kubica has backed his old friend Fernando Alonso's decision to join McLaren-Honda. Much has been made of Spaniard Alonso's..

11 Jun 2015

Kubica forms own world rally team

Robert Kubica has launched his own team to contest the world rally championship in 2015. The Pole's F1 career ended when he almost severed..

23 Jan 2015

Kubica: 'No sense' to try F1 comeback

Robert Kubica has suggested he is close to abandoning the idea of ever returning to formula one. Amid the Polish driver's burgeoning F1..

15 Dec 2014

Surgery could put Kubica return back on track

More surgery on his injured arm could lead Robert Kubica back to formula one. The Pole was becoming so established as a rising great talent..

20 Oct 2014

Kubica: F1 return still 'impossible' for now

Robert Kubica has revealed his physical limitations are still standing in the way of his return to formula one. The Pole, now 29, was..

10 Apr 2014

Kubica : 'Fear' doesn't explain Massa's decline

Robert Kubica, whose F1 career was ended by serious injuries almost three years ago, does not think "fear" led to the decline of outgoing..

17 Dec 2013

F1 return not impossible insists Kubica

Robert Kubica has admitted it is unlikely he will ever return to formula one. Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali admitted recently that, prior..

13 Nov 2013

Multiple days in Mercedes simulator admits Kubica

Robert Kubica has revealed he has tested multiple times at the wheel of Mercedes' formula one driver simulator at Brackley. It emerged..

5 Sep 2013

No plans for F1 test return says Kubica

Robert Kubica insists he is not pushing for a formula one track test, even though he is 80 per cent ready to return to the pinnacle of..

24 Jun 2013

Loeb: Kubica is faster than Raikkonen

Sebastien Loeb, the most successful driver in world rally history, thinks Robert Kubica has more potential than Kimi Raikkonen. In 2010 and..

11 May 2013

Mercedes would offer Robert Kubica F1 test

Mercedes says it would be willing to give Robert Kubica a formula one test. The German marque this week declined to comment on reports the..

4 May 2013

Robert Kubica confirms Mercedes F1 simulator run reports

Robert Kubica has confirmed reports he has tested at the wheel of Mercedes' driver simulator. We reported recently that the Pole, who also..

1 May 2013

Robert Kubica is doing secret tests at Mercedes F1 simulator

Robert Kubica has been conducting secret formula one tests at the wheel of Mercedes' sophisticated driver simulator, German newspaper Bild..

23 Apr 2013

Kubica: Formula 1 return might not happen

Robert Kubica has admitted he might never return to formula one. After his new foray in the second-tier world rally championship was..

12 Apr 2013

Lotus Boss: Kubica definitely in running for 2014 F1 season

Robert Kubica is "definitely" in the running to return to formula one with Lotus in 2014. Turning down an offer to return to circuit racing..

25 Mar 2013

Robert Kubica turned down DTM offer for 2013 season

Robert Kubica has revealed he turned down an offer to return to premier circuit racing in 2013. The Pole, preparing for his first event of..

22 Mar 2013

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