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Pirelli's Isola denies Hembery to step down

Nov.4 - Mario Isola has rejected speculation he is shaping up to take over as the head of Pirelli's F1 programme. Currently 'racing..

4 Nov 2015

Hembery: F1 'must work better with its partners'

Sep.7 - Paul Hembery has warned that F1 needs to make some changes if it is going to keep tyre suppliers on side into the future. Pirelli..

7 Sep 2015

Pirelli wants more testing to spice up F1

Jul.15 - Pirelli has vowed to try to spice up next year's grands prix. In 2015, criticism of the F1 'show' has come from all quarters, but..

15 Jul 2015

Pirelli wants F1 changes for 2017

Paul Hembery has urged F1 to make changes before Pirelli commits to a new contract. The Italian tyre supplier's F1 chief told the Guardian..

6 Apr 2015

F1 set for first wet race of 2015

F1 looks to be heading into its first wet race of the season. The current weekend forecast for Sepang circuit indicates a high probability..

24 Mar 2015

Pirelli expecting 'significant' speed boost in 2015

Pirelli boss Paul Hembery is expecting a much faster field of 2015. Last year, among the criticisms of F1's all-new turbo V6 format was..

28 Jan 2015

Hembery: F1 to challenge lap records in 2015

Paul Hembery, official tyre supplier Pirelli's F1 chief, is expecting the field to speed up significantly in 2015. Last year, the Italian..

9 Jan 2015

Hembery : Less Pirelli 'marbles' in 2014

Pirelli's calamitous 2013 season appears to be firmly in the past. After a sometimes explosive 2013 on inconsistent and heavily-degrading..

24 Feb 2014

Hembery - F1 must confirm Pirelli's aggressive role

Pirelli has warned it will take "a very conservative approach" to 2014 unless its mandate is clearly set out by formula one. F1's official..

17 Nov 2013

Hembery - Pirelli's 2014 tyre deal 'done'

Pirelli's threat to quit formula one at the eleventh hour prior to the 2014 season has receded. A week ago in India, the boss of F1's..

2 Nov 2013

Alonso - Hembery apologised for attack

Paul Hembery apologised after hitting back at comments made by Fernando Alonso in Korea last weekend. Spaniard Alonso had questioned the..

9 Oct 2013

After Korea GP Pirelli under fire

Mark Webber has joined his friend Fernando Alonso in delivering a blistering attack on F1 tyre supplier Pirelli. Ferrari's Alonso said on..

7 Oct 2013

Hembery: Pirelli to be 'very conservative' for 2014

The days where grands prix are spiced-up by deliberately heavily-degrading tyres could be over. Since the tyre-exploding crisis earlier..

1 Oct 2013

Hembery: No F1 tyre war unless rules change

Paul Hembery has played down reports Pirelli might have to go wheel-to-wheel with Michelin in formula one next year. There are rumours the..

29 Jul 2013

Hembery: Pirelli not taking all the blame

Paul Hembery on Friday insisted Pirelli can not take all the blame for the tyre-exploding chaos of last weekend's British grand prix. Some..

5 Jul 2013

Hembery: Pirelli management approves 2014 F1 foray

Pirelli is inching towards a deal to stay in formula one beyond its 2013 contract. The Italian marque's F1 chief Paul Hembery revealed at..

29 Jun 2013

Hembery: Pirelli is in fact set to remain F1's official supplier

Amid growing rumours Michelin could return to the grid, Paul Hembery on Tuesday announced that Pirelli is in fact set to remain F1's..

25 Jun 2013

No debut for Pirelli F1 tyre tweak at British Grand Prix

Pirelli has called off its plans to change the design of its 2013 tyres for the British grand prix and beyond. F1's sole tyre supplier has..

11 Jun 2013

Hembery: No more F1 tyre tweaks in 2013 season

If Pirelli's tyre tweak is introduced for Silverstone, it will almost certainly be the last change in 2013, Paul Hembery has revealed...

6 Jun 2013

Pirelli's Canada tyre changes now unsertain

Pirelli's planned changes to its controversial tyres for Canada and beyond are now under a dark cloud. Media reports, including by Marco..

20 May 2013

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