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Button: ‘It will be a long winter’

Jenson Button has promised McLaren will make massive strides this winter, but does not expect them to battle Mercedes next year. The 2009..

24 Nov 2015

Ramirez: Rules will stop quick Honda comeback

Nov.23 - The current rules will prevent Honda from quickly closing the big gap to its engine rivals in F1. That is the view of Jo Ramirez,..

23 Nov 2015

Bidders emerge as 'parallel engine' plan causes stir

Nov.23 - Up and down pitlane, and inside and outside of formula one, the sport's plans for parallel engine rules in 2017 continue to make a..

23 Nov 2015

Ilmor applies for 2017 'client engine' role

Nov.20 - Ilmor has put its hand up to become F1's exclusive supplier of the 2.5 litre 'client engine' for 2017. Headed by renowned F1..

20 Nov 2015

Massa: Red Bull engine supplier problems not simple

Nov.20 - Felipe Massa does not believe Red Bull's argument that competitiveness alone is the reason the team struggled to find an engine..

20 Nov 2015

Kaltenborn tips Ferrari to veto 'client engine'

Nov.20 - Sauber chief and co-owner Monisha Kaltenborn has made clear her staunch opposition to F1's proposed 'client engine' for 2017. As..

20 Nov 2015

Massa hopes for Mercedes engine parity in 2016

Nov.19 - Felipe Massa is hoping Williams will get back on par with its engine supplier Mercedes in 2016. While dominant Mercedes and its..

19 Nov 2015

Honda to use 'more consultants' for F1 project

Nov.19 - Honda has had a change of heart towards the end of its abysmally-bad return to F1 this year. Earlier, the proudly nationalistic..

19 Nov 2015

Sides being chosen in F1 engine war

Nov.18 - A war is brewing in formula one. The FIA and Bernie Ecclestone say they intend to introduce a new engine specification, built by..

18 Nov 2015

2017 engine to be 2.5 litre twin-turbo V6

Nov.17 - Details about the specification of F1's alternative engine for 2017 have emerged. Previously, it was believed independent outfits..

17 Nov 2015

Honda ok with Alonso's frustrated humour

Nov.16 - Honda insists it takes no offence at the use of "humour" to discharge the frustration felt by its F1 drivers at the tail end of..

16 Nov 2015

Marko: 2016 'year of transition' for Red Bull F1 teams

Nov.14 - 2016 will be a "year of transition" for Red Bull's two F1 teams, official Dr Helmut Marko has declared. "We are keeping both teams..

14 Nov 2015

Horner: Red Bull has entered 2016 F1 championship

Nov.13 - Red Bull has confirmed reports it has dropped its threat to quit formula one at the end of this month. "Yes, we've entered the..

13 Nov 2015

Red Bull set for Infiniti-branded Renaults in 2016

Nov.12 - Pending a green light from owner Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull will stay in formula one with Renault engines next year. That is..

12 Nov 2015

'Client engine' divides opinions of F1 insiders

Nov.10 - The proposal to make F1 a two-tier engine formula has divided opinions among the sport's insiders. Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt..

10 Nov 2015

Ferrari re-opens door to working with Red Bull

Nov.9 - Ferrari has re-opened the door to helping solve Red Bull's engine supply crisis. Earlier, it was believed the Italian team had the..

9 Nov 2015

Loss-making McLaren compensates Whitmarsh & Mercedes

Nov.9 - A $15 million pay-out to former boss Martin Whitmarsh contributed to the financial loss recorded by McLaren last year. Writing for..

9 Nov 2015

Illien plays down Red Bull engine solution rumours

Nov.6 - Mario Illien has played down speculation he will play a central role as Red Bull ends its engine supply crisis and races into 2016...

6 Nov 2015

Honda: 'Client engine' makes F1 less interesting

Nov.4 - Honda does not like the sound of the FIA's 'client engine' idea for 2017. Although struggling at present, the Japanese carmaker's..

4 Nov 2015

Mateschitz slams rivals' lack of 'sportsmanship'

Nov.4 - Dietrich Mateschitz has accused Red Bull's powerful rivals of lacking the "courage and sportsmanship" to supply the team with..

4 Nov 2015

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