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Tilke relieved after first Baku race

Jun.20 - Hermann Tilke has admitted he breathed a sigh of relief once the chequered flag waved on Sunday. The German is F1's renowned and..

20 Jun 2016

Not every driver 'moaning' about Baku

Jun.18 - Not every driver was complaining as F1 action kicked off at Baku's spectacular and unique new street track. Senior drivers..

18 Jun 2016

Prost admits 'mixed feelings' about Haas

Jun.1 - Alain Prost has admitted to having mixed feelings about F1's newest team. The F1 legend and Renault ambassador is referring to..

1 Jun 2016

Sirotkin admits targeting Renault race debut

Apr.27 - Sergey Sirotkin on Wednesday admitted he is targeting a full race seat at Renault for 2017. 24 hours ago, the French works team..

27 Apr 2016

Gene Haas aims fire at F1 'whiners'

Apr.16 - Haas, the new American team, has stepped up the tone of its rhetoric amid criticism of its close alliance with Ferrari. The team's..

16 Apr 2016

Steiner tells Haas critics to 'read the rules'

Apr.15 - Gunther Steiner says he is unfazed amid criticism of Haas' controversial approach to F1. After two strong points finishes in..

15 Apr 2016

Grosjean says Haas critics 'jealous'

Apr.14 - Romain Grosjean dismissed criticism of Haas' approach to formula one as little more than "jealousy". Some critics say the new..

14 Apr 2016

Haas' controversial approach divides F1 opinion

Apr.11 - The early success of the new F1 team Haas is splitting opinion in the paddock. While some hail Romain Grosjean's double..

11 Apr 2016

Boullier: Vandoorne 'the next Alonso'

Apr.5 - Stoffel Vandoorne appears to have put his F1 career on the fast track after making an impressive race debut in Bahrain. Although..

5 Apr 2016

Azerbaijan says fighting no risk to F1 race

Apr.4 - Azerbaijan says intense fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed local region, does not jeopardise forthcoming sports events like..

4 Apr 2016

McLaren 'can count on' Vandoorne in future

Apr.4 - Stoffel Vandoorne has left Bahrain a happy F1 debutant, even though he will probably have to hand back the keys to Fernando Alonso..

4 Apr 2016

Haryanto actually won 'driver of the day' vote

Mar.23 - Rio Haryanto actually won the popular vote as F1 debuted its new official 'driver of the day' plaudit in Australia. Many were..

23 Mar 2016

Ecclestone: No $10m start-up bonus for Haas

Mar.20 - Haas will not get the $10 million start-up bonus that was paid to F1's most recent team newcomers. To entice the three new teams -..

20 Mar 2016

Capito: F1 'always an issue for VW'

Mar.20 - Jost Capito, set to return to the sport from his current post at Volkswagen, says a F1 foray for the German giant cannot be ruled..

20 Mar 2016

Report: Secret tyre debut leaves F1 teams angry

Mar.18 - F1 teams are reportedly angry that Pirelli introduced a new tyre late last year without telling them. Germany's Auto Motor und..

18 Mar 2016

Haas F1 Team Makes its Debut in 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship

Haas F1 Team makes its FIA Formula 1 World Championship debut on March 20 at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, which marks the first..

18 Mar 2016

Kovalainen predicts 'difficult' start for Haas

Mar.16 - Heikki Kovalainen thinks F1's new American team Haas will have a "very difficult" debut season. Haas, however, has entered the..

16 Mar 2016

Wehrlein sure Manor right for F1 debut

Mar.11 - Pascal Wehrlein is confident Manor is the right place for his F1 debut. The reigning DTM champion is stepping up with the strong..

11 Mar 2016

Can Haas F1 be competitive in 2016?

As the Haas F1 team prepares to take in its first test in Barcelona, the entire sport is holding its breath in anticipation of what the..

23 Feb 2016

Debut shock as Haas front wing fails

Feb.22 - Haas got a rude welcome to formula one as testing began on Monday. On the unlucky 13th lap of the American team's new F1..

22 Feb 2016

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