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Top teams in leadership move against Ecclestone

May 5 - Mercedes and Red Bull have joined Ferrari in reportedly moving against F1's long-time 'supremo' Bernie Ecclestone. Reports recently..

5 May 2016

Ecclestone tells Hamilton to stop 'moaning'

May 5 - Bernie Ecclestone has told reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton to stop "moaning". Although the Mercedes driver has been..

5 May 2016

Ecclestone: Russia GP secure with Putin's backing

Apr.30 - Bernie Ecclestone says Russia will stay on the F1 schedule so long as it has the backing of Vladimir Putin. The F1 supremo is an..

30 Apr 2016

Ecclestone wants to be 'dictator' again

Apr.27 - Bernie Ecclestone on Wednesday said he would like to become F1's "dictator" once again. Speculation in recent days has suggested..

27 Apr 2016

Lauda & Wurz named as potential Ecclestone successors

Apr.26 - F1 has entered an "important week", according to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. And he is not just talking about this weekend's..

26 Apr 2016

Susie Wolff defends Ecclestone amid sexism charge

Apr.25 - Susie Wolff, F1's most successful female driver of recent times, has defended Bernie Ecclestone amid accusations of sexism. F1..

25 Apr 2016

Ecclestone in Milan for Monza talks

Apr.23 - Monza's F1 future may have come to a head during a meeting in Milan late this week. Amid Monza's troubled negotiations with Bernie..

24 Apr 2016

Ecclestone eyeing new partners for Canada GP

Apr.15 - Bernie Ecclestone is getting involved in finding new investors for Montreal's Canadian grand prix, according to a report in La..

16 Apr 2016

Rosberg hits back at 'windbags' jibe

Apr.14 - Championship leader Nico Rosberg has hit back at Bernie Ecclestone's claim that current F1 drivers are "windbags". F1 supremo..

14 Apr 2016

Ecclestone likens Ferrari to "The Rolling Stones" of F1

Sports wouldn’t be fun without controversy. Formula 1 had its fair share of controversy over the years. Many players have said and/or..

12 Apr 2016

Ecclestone says European Commission talks underway

Apr.6 - Bernie Ecclestone says "discussions" with the European Commission are currently taking place. Last September, midfield teams Force..

6 Apr 2016

Ecclestone set for more Monza future talks

Apr.2 - Bernie Ecclestone has kept hopes alive that Monza might retain the Italian grand prix beyond September's 2016 race. In the past..

2 Apr 2016

Ecclestone: Preferred successor Briatore ruled out

Mar.29 - Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that "blocks" have been placed on his preferred successor. The apparent lack of a succession plan..

29 Mar 2016

Ecclestone coy over Monza's F1 future

Mar.28 - The saga over the future of historic Monza's grand prix continues, with Bernie Ecclestone making conflicting comments regarding..

29 Mar 2016

Even Ecclestone calls for qualifying axe

Mar.19 - 'Musical chairs' qualifying looks set to be the shortest-lived format for Saturday afternoon in F1's history. "Remember that..

20 Mar 2016

Ecclestone: No $10m start-up bonus for Haas

Mar.20 - Haas will not get the $10 million start-up bonus that was paid to F1's most recent team newcomers. To entice the three new teams -..

20 Mar 2016

Ecclestone: CVC sale could change how F1 is run

Mar.15 - CVC's decision about selling formula one could change how Bernie Ecclestone runs the sport, the F1 supremo said on Tuesday. The..

15 Mar 2016

Report: Zak Brown could succeed Ecclestone

Mar.14 - F1 could be poised for a big change at the top, a leading correspondent has claimed. Luis Vasconcelos, writing for Finland's Turun..

14 Mar 2016

Murray Walker: Ecclestone criticism 'sad'

Mar.11 - Murray Walker, the iconic voice of formula one, has added his disapproval to the latest criticisms of his beloved sport. Now 92,..

11 Mar 2016

F1 board dossier puts Ecclestone under scrutiny

Mar.8 - Bernie Ecclestone will come under scrutiny on Tuesday as a report is tabled at a meeting of F1's board. The report has been..

8 Mar 2016

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