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Ecclestone still unhappy with future engine rules

Jan.29 - Bernie Ecclestone sounds unconvinced after F1's engine manufacturers recently agreed a change of direction for the future. The F1..

29 Jan 2016

Ecclestone backs call for 'maximum attack' tyres

Jan.28 - F1 could be set to take a sharp turn away from the era of Pirelli's heavily degrading tyres. A few days ago, GPDA director Alex..

28 Jan 2016

Ecclestone hopes Austin stays on calendar

Jan.27 - Bernie Ecclestone has not yet given up on the future of the US grand prix in Austin. Late last year, a dark cloud moved over the..

27 Jan 2016

Ecclestone: More dominance 'not good for Mercedes'

Jan.26 - Formula one needs Ferrari to give Mercedes a run for its money in 2016. That is the view of F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, when..

26 Jan 2016

Ecclestone: Mercedes hard to beat in 2016 too

Jan.14 - Bernie Ecclestone thinks Mercedes is set for a third consecutive year of dominating formula one in 2016. Asked by Canadian radio..

14 Jan 2016

Ecclestone: Pirelli must test to design 2017 tyre

Dec.23 - Bernie Ecclestone says a dispute between Pirelli and the F1 teams means the sport might not get wider and faster tyres for 2017...

23 Dec 2015

Ecclestone to stop 'Siamese twins' Mercedes & Ferrari

Dec.22 - Bernie Ecclestone has hit back at reports suggesting formula one risked collapse due to some of the political events of 2015...

22 Dec 2015

Ecclestone 'happy' as Channel 4 replaces BBC

Dec.21 - Bernie Ecclestone has finally confirmed that the BBC will no longer broadcast formula one on British free-to-air television. It..

21 Dec 2015

Bernie's Xmas card depicts apologetic Hamilton

Dec.21 - Bernie Ecclestone has drawn his 2015 to a close with his traditional Christmas card to friends. This year's edition of the F1..

21 Dec 2015

Ecclestone not confirming BBC's F1 exit

Dec.19 - Bernie Ecclestone is refusing to confirm that F1's free-to-air British broadcaster is pulling out of the sport. British newspapers..

19 Dec 2015

Ecclestone: No German GP again in 2017

Dec.16 - Bernie Ecclestone is not confident about the future of the German grand prix. Just a decade ago, the country was still in the grip..

16 Dec 2015

Hamilton: Ecclestone wrong to say F1 'boring'

Dec.15 - Bernie Ecclestone has no reason to be "bored" by today's formula one, back-to-back world champion Lewis Hamilton insists. F1..

15 Dec 2015

Ferrari challenging Ecclestone 'mandate'

Dec.11 - Ferrari is challenging the new "mandate" given by the FIA to Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt to address problems within formula..

11 Dec 2015

Ecclestone thinks Todt should 'step back' from F1

Dec.9 - Bernie Ecclestone thinks FIA president Jean Todt should step back from the front line in formula one. According to the BBC, an..

9 Dec 2015

Ecclestone: F1 'will have different engine' rules

Dec.7 - Bernie Ecclestone says the idea of an alternative engine in formula one is not dead yet. Before the recent F1 Commission meeting,..

7 Dec 2015

Ecclestone involved in Renault buyout 'solution'

Dec.4 - Bernie Ecclestone has admitted he was involved with the solution that means Renault is returning to F1 next year as a full works..

4 Dec 2015

Ecclestone: F1 could be sold before 2016 season

Dec.4 - F1 could still be sold within the next few months, according to Bernie Ecclestone. The sport's long-time supremo, who runs F1 on..

4 Dec 2015

Coulthard urges Ecclestone to keep F1 on 'free' TV

Dec.3 - F1 would not be wise to allow free-to-air television coverage to stop in Britain, David Coulthard has warned. Last weekend in Abu..

3 Dec 2015

FIA gives Ecclestone 'mandate' to fix F1

Dec.3 - F1's governing body on Wednesday empowered Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt to take charge of "a number of pressing issues in..

3 Dec 2015

Ecclestone upbeat over Monza F1 future

Nov.26 - Bernie Ecclestone is now sounding more confident about the future of the historic Italian grand prix. Earlier, the Monza race..

26 Nov 2015

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