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Honda: No customer teams in 2015 F1 season

Honda’s F1 boss on Friday said the Japanese marque will not supply any customer teams when it returns to the sport next year...

April 18, 2014

Ferrari could turn hopes to 2015 F1 season

Ferrari may already be looking to write off the 2014 title. After a bad start to the new turbo V6 era for the fabled Italian team, Ferrari..

April 17, 2014

Tyre-warmer ban for 2015 F1 season in doubt

The plan to ban tyre warmers in 2015 is currently in doubt. This week at the Bahrain test, after Williams test driver Felipe Nasr tried an..

April 11, 2014

Haas still unsure about 2015 F1 entry

Gene Haas has revealed he is yet to be notified officially that he will be let in as F1′s newest team owner in 2015. In Bahrain at..

April 8, 2014

Kolles team will enter in 2015 F1 season

F1 is set to allow two new teams through the paddock turnstiles for 2015. Days ago, the sport’s chief executive said the bid made by..

April 6, 2014

Ecclestone: Haas set for Formula 1 in 2015

Gene Haas looks set to take his place on the pitwall as F1′s newest team owner in 2015. Having earlier played down the Nascar team..

April 3, 2014

No engine to power Stefanovich’s F1 bid

Zoran Stefanovich has admitted he had to withdraw his bid to enter formula one in 2015 because he could not agree an engine deal. Alongside..

March 28, 2014

Haas: Hopes are 2015 F1 entry soon desided

Gene Haas is waiting to know if he will be let onto the F1 grid next year. Actually, the FIA’s decision about potential twelfth or..

March 4, 2014 with 0 Comments

F1 report: 2015 F1 teams decision postponed

A decision about whether a twelfth or even thirteenth team will make its debut in 2015 has been postponed. With separate applications led..

March 1, 2014 with 0 Comments

Haas to meet FIA bosses about 2015 F1 entry

F1′s potential next F1 chief, Californian and Nascar team co-owner Gene Haas, will this week travel to Europe. Foreign language..

February 24, 2014 with 0 Comments

Sauber signs Simona de Silvestro as driver

Sauber has signed up female driver Simona de Silvestro. The 25-year-old Swiss, an Indycar driver for the past four years, has become..

February 14, 2014 with 0 Comments

Whiting : New rules will stop ‘ugly’ noses for 2015

F1′s governing body will move to stop ‘ugly’ noses ahead of the 2015 season. Drivers, fans and even the designers have..

February 12, 2014 with 0 Comments

F1 could have two new teams in 2015

F1 could have not one, but two new teams in 2015. Italy’s Autosprint reports that, in Paris early this week, the FIA began the..

February 11, 2014 with 0 Comments

Haas to meet next deadline for 2015 entry

Despite Bernie Ecclestone‘s recent warning, Gene Haas is pushing ahead with his plans to enter F1 in 2015. After Haas, a Nascar team..

February 5, 2014 with 0 Comments

FIA wants to sharpen nose rules for 2015 F1 season

The unseemly nose designs up and down the 2014 pitlane have been declared legal by the FIA. We reported last week that a row over the..

February 3, 2014 with 0 Comments

Report links Kolles entry with carmaker Dacia for 2015

An unlikely name is being linked with a potential F1 foray for 2015. Earlier, it emerged that former Force India and HRT boss Colin Kolles..

January 19, 2014 with 0 Comments

F1 rumour: US Nascar team owner aims for F1 in 2015

An American team is bidding to enter formula one in 2015. Bernie Ecclestone revealed on Thursday that he is in talks with two parties..

January 18, 2014 with 0 Comments

Ecclestone: We have talks with two potential new F1 teams

Bernie Ecclestone claims F1 authorities are in talks with two potential new teams for the 2015 season. The governing FIA recently invited..

January 17, 2014 with 0 Comments

Will F1 have twelve teams in 2015?

F1 is seeking a twelfth team. With the Spanish stragglers HRT having pulled out at the end of the 2012 season, the FIA on Thursday launched..

December 12, 2013 with 0 Comments

F1 ‘cost cap’ coming in 2015 announced by FIA

A ‘cost cap’ in formula one is coming, the FIA said in a surprising announcement on Monday. Although many teams are facing..

December 10, 2013 with 0 Comments

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