F1 Elite Concept Book

F1 Elite Concept 2012

F1 Elite Concept Book

The F1 Elite Concept is the most exclusive and beautiful F1 season review book money can buy.


Exclusive & Memorable

After each Formula 1 season this memorable book is designed, created and published by the British company Elite Concept. This exclusive collectors item is presented during the Monaco Grand Prix and is an official FIA book.


2012 F1 Elite Concept

F1 Elite Concept 

The 2012 F1 Elite Concept is the 4th edition and displays each 2012  Formula 1 Grand Prix with the best and most beautiful photographs in the highest possible quality. The book is made in the highest quality possible you can find and takes a full year to complete.


Collected by F1 Drivers

F1 Elite Concept Book collected by drivers

Did you know many Formula 1 drivers are collectors of this unique book? British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton always orders the F1 Elite Concept as soon as it comes available after the Monaco Grand Prix. We some times also have Autographed copy's at a premium  price with photos of the drivers and VIP's signing the book.


Limited Edition


F1 Elite Concept Book Limited edition

All of the F1 Elite Concept editions are strictly limited so when it's sold out you have to be lucky to get one from the "market". The F1 Elite Concept is a large and heavy collectible  The front size is over 30 x 30 cm big and the whole book weights more than 5 kg.


Buy 2012 F1 Elite Concept edition

You can order your exlusive and unique 2012 F1 Elite Concept for € 1.000,- a copy by filling in the order form:


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After filling in the form, we will contact you for payment. After payment we will send the book secured to your home.