2001 F1 Championship Results

2001 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Australian Grand Prix result4 MarchGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5801:38:26.533
Malaysian Grand Prix result18 MarchGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5501:47:34.801
Brazilian Grand Prix result1 AprilUnited Kingdom David Coulthard
United Kingdom McLaren7101:39:00.834
San Marino Grand Prix result15 AprilGermany Ralf Schumacher
United Kingdom Williams6201:30:44.817
Spanish Grand Prix result29 AprilGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6501:31:03.305
Austrian Grand Prix result13 MayUnited Kingdom David Coulthard
United Kingdom McLaren7101:27:45.927
Monaco Grand Prix result27 MayGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7801:47:22.561
Canadian Grand Prix result10 JuneGermany Ralf Schumacher
United Kingdom Williams6901:34:31.522
European Grand Prix result24 JuneGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6701:29:42.724
French Grand Prix result1 JulyGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7201:33:35.636
British Grand Prix result15 JulyFinland Mika Häkkinen
United Kingdom McLaren6001:25:33.770
German Grand Prix result29 JulyGermany Ralf Schumacher
United Kingdom Williams4501:18:17.873
Hungarian Grand Prix result19 AugustGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7701:41:49.675
Belgian Grand Prix result2 SeptemberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari3601:08:05.002
Italian Grand Prix result16 SeptemberColombia Juan Pablo Montoya
United Kingdom Williams5301:16:58.493
United States Grand Prix result30 SeptemberFinland Mika Häkkinen
United Kingdom McLaren7301:32:42.840
Japanese Grand Prix result14 OctoberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5301:27:33.298

2001 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Germany Michael Schumacher112Ret1212112Ret11421123
2United Kingdom David Coulthard2312515Ret34RetRet32Ret3365
3Brazil Rubens Barrichello32Ret3Ret32Ret533225215556
4Germany Ralf SchumacherRet5Ret1RetRetRet142Ret1473Ret649
5Finland Mika HäkkinenRet6Ret49RetRet36DNS1Ret54Ret1437
6Colombia Juan Pablo MontoyaRetRetRetRet2RetRetRet2Ret4Ret8Ret1Ret231
7Canada Jacques VilleneuveRetRet7Ret384Ret9Ret83986Ret1012
8Germany Nick Heidfeld4Ret3769RetRetRet66Ret6Ret116912
9Italy Jarno TrulliRet8554DSQRet11Ret5RetRetRetRetRet4812
10Finland Kimi Räikkönen6RetRetRet841041075Ret7Ret7RetRet9
11Italy Giancarlo Fisichella13Ret6Ret14RetRetRet1111134Ret3108178
12United Kingdom Eddie Irvine11RetRetRetRet73Ret7Ret9RetRetRetRet5Ret6
13Germany Heinz-Harald Frentzen54116RetRetRet Ret87 Ret9Ret10126
14France Olivier Panis7Ret4875RetRetRet9Ret7Ret11911135
15France Jean Alesi9989101065151211610687Ret5
16Spain Pedro de la Rosa    RetRetRet681412Ret11Ret512Ret3
17United Kingdom Jenson ButtonRet11101215Ret7Ret1316155RetRetRet972
18Netherlands Jos Verstappen107RetRet126810Ret131091210RetRet151
19Brazil Ricardo Zonta       7   Ret     0
20Brazil Luciano Burti810Ret111111Ret81210RetRetRetRet   0
21Brazil Enrique BernoldiRetRetRet10RetRet9RetRetRet148Ret12Ret13140
22Brazil Tarso MarquesRet149Ret16RetRet9Ret15DNQRetRet13   0
23Spain Fernando Alonso1213RetRet13RetRetRet14171610RetRet13Ret110
24Czech Republic Tomáš Enge              1214Ret0
25Argentina Gastón MazzacaneRet12RetRet             0
26Malaysia Alex Yoong              RetRet160

2001 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Germany Michael Schumacher179501411100530123
Germany Ralf Schumacher17311518065049
United Kingdom David Coulthard172351029263065
Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya17130436803031
Brazil Rubens Barrichello170551009280056
Italy Jarno Trulli17000007550012
Canada Jacques Villeneuve17002207900012
Germany Nick Heidfeld17001107640012
Finland Kimi Räikkönen1700000756009
Italy Giancarlo Fisichella1700110810008
United Kingdom Eddie Irvine1700110658006
France Olivier Panis1700000784005
France Jean Alesi1700000998005
United Kingdom Jenson Button1700000861002
Netherlands Jos Verstappen1700000889001
Spain Fernando Alonso1700000707000
Brazil Enrique Bernoldi1700000568000
Finland Mika Häkkinen16201306893037
Germany Heinz-Harald Frentzen1500000719006
Brazil Luciano Burti1400000599000
Spain Pedro de la Rosa1300000579003
Brazil Tarso Marques1300000577000
Argentina Gastón Mazzacane400000135000
Czech Republic Tomáš Enge300000166000
Malaysia Alex Yoong300000132000
Brazil Ricardo Zonta20000075000

2001 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1Italy Ferrari1112Ret1212112Ret11421179
2United Kingdom McLaren3Ret6Ret49RetRet36DNS1Ret54Ret14102
3United Kingdom Williams5Ret5Ret1RetRetRet142Ret1473Ret680
4Switzerland Sauber164Ret3769RetRetRet66Ret6Ret116921
5Ireland Jordan1154116RetRetRet7Ret87RetRetRetRet4819
6United Kingdom BAR97Ret4875RetRetRet9Ret7Ret119111317
7Italy Benetton713Ret6Ret14RetRetRet1111134Ret31081710
8United Kingdom Jaguar1811RetRetRetRet73Ret7Ret9RetRetRetRet5Ret9
9France Prost2299891010651512116Ret9Ret10124
10United Kingdom Arrows14107RetRet126810Ret131091210RetRet151
11Italy Minardi20Ret149Ret16RetRet9Ret15DNQRetRet13RetRet160

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