1993 F1 Championship Results

1993 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
South African Grand Prix result14 MarchFrance Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams7201:38:45.082
Brazilian Grand Prix result28 MarchBrazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren7101:51:15.485
European Grand Prix result11 AprilBrazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren7601:50:46.570
San Marino Grand Prix result25 AprilFrance Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams6101:33:20.413
Spanish Grand Prix result9 MayFrance Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams6501:32:27.685
Monaco Grand Prix result23 MayBrazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren7801:52:10.947
Canadian Grand Prix result13 JuneFrance Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams6901:36:41.822
French Grand Prix result4 JulyFrance Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams7201:38:35.241
British Grand Prix result11 JulyFrance Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams5901:25:38.189
German Grand Prix result25 JulyFrance Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams4501:18:40.885
Hungarian Grand Prix result15 AugustUnited Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams7701:47:39.098
Belgian Grand Prix result29 AugustUnited Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams4401:24:32.124
Italian Grand Prix result12 SeptemberUnited Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams5301:17:07.509
Portuguese Grand Prix result26 SeptemberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton7101:32:46.309
Japanese Grand Prix result24 OctoberBrazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren5301:40:27.912
Australian Grand Prix result7 NovemberBrazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren7901:43:27.476

1993 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1France Alain Prost1Ret311411111231222299
2Brazil Ayrton Senna211Ret2118454Ret4RetRet1173
3United Kingdom Damon HillRet22RetRet232Ret1511134369
4Germany Michael SchumacherRet3Ret23Ret2322Ret2Ret1RetRet52
5Italy Riccardo PatreseRetRet5Ret4RetRet103526516Ret820
6France Jean AlesiRet8RetRetRet3RetRet97RetRet24Ret416
7United Kingdom Martin BrundleRetRetRet3Ret65514857Ret69613
8Austria Gerhard Berger6RetRetRet614414Ret6310RetRetRet512
9United Kingdom Johnny HerbertRet448RetRet10Ret410Ret5RetRet11Ret11
10United Kingdom Mark Blundell35RetRet7RetRetRet73711RetRet7910
11United States Michael AndrettiRetRetRetRet58146RetRetRet83   7
12Austria Karl WendlingerRetRetRetRetRet136RetRet96Ret45Ret157
13Finland Jyrki Järvilehto5RetRet4RetRet7Ret8RetRet9Ret78Ret5
14Brazil Christian Fittipaldi4Ret7Ret85981211RetRet89  5
15Finland Mika Häkkinen             Ret3Ret4
16United Kingdom Derek Warwick79RetRet13Ret16136174RetRet1514104
17France Philippe AlliotRet7Ret5Ret12Ret91112812910  2
18Brazil Rubens BarrichelloRetRet10Ret129Ret710RetRetRetRet135112
19Italy Fabrizio BarbazzaRetRet66Ret11RetRet        2
20Italy Alessandro ZanardiRet68Ret14711RetRetRetRetDNS    1
21France Érik ComasRet109Ret9Ret816RetRetRetRet611Ret121
22United Kingdom Eddie Irvine              6Ret1
23Italy Pierluigi Martini        Ret14RetRet7810Ret0
24Japan Aguri SuzukiRetRetRet910Ret1312RetRetRetRetRetRetRet70
25Italy Luca BadoerRet12DNQ7RetDNQ15RetRetRetRet131014  0
26Belgium Thierry Boutsen  RetRet11Ret1211Ret139Ret    0
27Italy Andrea de CesarisRetRetRetRetRet10Ret15NCRet11Ret1312Ret130
28Japan Ukyo KatayamaRetRetRetRetRetRet17Ret13Ret101514RetRetRet0
29Italy Michele AlboretoRet1111DNQDNQRetDNQDNQDNQ16Ret14RetRet  0
30Portugal Pedro Lamy            11Ret13Ret0
31Japan Toshio Suzuki              12140
32France Jean-Marc Gounon              RetRet0
33Italy Ivan CapelliRetDNQ              0
34Italy Marco Apicella            Ret   0
35Italy Emanuele Naspetti             Ret  0

1993 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

France Alain Prost1673212139896099
Brazil Ayrton Senna16520718611073
United Kingdom Damon Hill163431029044069
Germany Michael Schumacher16153907265052
Italy Riccardo Patrese16011208230020
France Jean Alesi16011207120016
United Kingdom Martin Brundle16001107740013
Austria Gerhard Berger16001107090012
United Kingdom Johnny Herbert16000007050011
United Kingdom Mark Blundell16002206820010
Austria Karl Wendlinger1600000742007
Finland Jyrki Järvilehto1600000678005
United Kingdom Derek Warwick1600000865004
Brazil Rubens Barrichello1600000650002
France Érik Comas1600000762001
Italy Andrea de Cesaris1600000682000
Japan Aguri Suzuki1600000581000
Japan Ukyo Katayama1600000474000
Brazil Christian Fittipaldi1400000742005
France Philippe Alliot1400000700002
United States Michael Andretti1300110427007
Italy Luca Badoer1200000516000
Italy Alessandro Zanardi1100000528001
Belgium Thierry Boutsen1000000433000
Italy Michele Alboreto900000405000
Italy Fabrizio Barbazza800000315002
Italy Pierluigi Martini800000325000
Portugal Pedro Lamy400000159000
Finland Mika Häkkinen300110113004
United Kingdom Eddie Irvine20000063001
France Jean-Marc Gounon20000060000
Japan Toshio Suzuki200000125000
Italy Marco Apicella1000000000
Italy Ivan Capelli1000002000
Italy Emanuele Naspetti1000008000

1993 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1United Kingdom Williams0Ret22RetRet232Ret15111343168
2United Kingdom McLaren7RetRetRetRet58146RetRetRet83Ret3Ret84
3Italy Benetton5Ret3Ret23Ret2322Ret2Ret1RetRet72
4Italy Ferrari27Ret8RetRetRet3RetRet97RetRet24Ret428
5France Ligier25RetRetRet3Ret65514857Ret69623
6United Kingdom Lotus11Ret68Ret14711RetRetRetRetDNS11Ret13Ret12
7Switzerland Sauber29RetRetRetRetRet136RetRet96Ret45Ret1512
8Italy Minardi234Ret7Ret85981211RetRet89RetRet7
9United Kingdom Footwork979RetRet13Ret16136174RetRet1514104
10France Larrousse19Ret7Ret5Ret12Ret9111281291012143
11Ireland Jordan14RetRet10Ret129Ret710RetRetRetRet135113
15RetDNQRetRet11Ret1211 139RetRetRet6Ret
25        Ret       
12United Kingdom Lola21Ret1111DNQDNQRetDNQDNQDNQ16Ret14RetRet  0
13United Kingdom Tyrrell3RetRetRetRetRetRet17Ret13Ret101514RetRetRet0

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