1992 F1 Championship Results

1992 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
South African Grand Prix resultMarch 1United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams7201:36:45.320
Mexican Grand Prix resultMarch 22United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams6901:31:53.587
Brazilian Grand Prix resultApril 5United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams7101:36:51.856
Spanish Grand Prix resultMay 3United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams6501:56:10.674
San Marino Grand Prix resultMay 17United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams6001:28:40.927
Monaco Grand Prix resultMay 31Brazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren7801:50:59.372
Canadian Grand Prix resultJune 14Austria Gerhard Berger
United Kingdom McLaren6901:37:08.299
French Grand Prix resultJuly 5United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams6901:38:08.459
British Grand Prix resultJuly 12United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams5901:25:42.991
German Grand Prix resultJuly 26United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams4501:18:22.032
Hungarian Grand Prix resultAugust 16Brazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren7701:46:19.216
Belgian Grand Prix resultAugust 30Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton4401:36:10.721
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 13Brazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren5301:18:15.349
Portuguese Grand Prix resultSeptember 27United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams7101:34:46.659
Japanese Grand Prix resultOctober 25Italy Riccardo Patrese
United Kingdom Williams5301:33:09.533
Australian Grand Prix resultNovember 8Austria Gerhard Berger
United Kingdom McLaren8101:46:54.786

1992 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1United Kingdom Nigel Mansell111112Ret11122Ret1RetRet108
2Italy Riccardo Patrese222Ret23Ret228Ret35Ret1Ret56
3Germany Michael Schumacher4332Ret42Ret43Ret137Ret253
4Brazil Ayrton Senna3RetRet931RetRetRet21513RetRet50
5Austria Gerhard Berger54Ret4RetRet1Ret5Ret3Ret422149
6United Kingdom Martin BrundleRetRetRetRet45Ret33454243338
7France Jean AlesiRetRet43RetRet3RetRet5RetRetRetRet5418
8Finland Mika Häkkinen9610RetDNQRetRet46Ret46Ret5Ret711
9Italy Andrea de CesarisRet5RetRet14Ret5RetRetRet88694Ret8
10Italy Michele Alboreto1013655777797Ret7615Ret6
11France Érik Comas79RetRet9106586RetDNQRetRetRetRet4
12Austria Karl WendlingerRetRetRet812Ret4RetRet16Ret1110Ret  3
13Italy Ivan CapelliRetRet510RetRetRetRet9Ret6RetRetRet  3
14Belgium Thierry BoutsenRet10RetRetRet1210Ret107RetRetRet8Ret52
15United Kingdom Johnny Herbert67RetRetRetRetRet6RetRetRet13RetRetRet132
16Italy Pierluigi MartiniRetRetRet66Ret8101511RetRet8Ret10Ret2
17Italy Stefano ModenaDNQRetRetDNQRetRetRetRetRetDNQRet15DNQ13761
18Brazil Christian FittipaldiRetRetRet11Ret813DNQ   DNQDNQ12691
19France Bertrand GachotRet11RetRetRet6DSQRetRet14Ret18RetRetRetRet1
20Japan Aguri Suzuki8DNQRet71011DNQRet12RetRet9Ret10880
21Finland Jyrki JärvilehtoRet88Ret119991310DNQ711Ret9Ret0
22Italy Gianni MorbidelliRetRet7RetRetRet1181712DNQ16Ret1414100
23Brazil Maurício Gugelmin11RetRetRet7RetRetRetRet151014RetRetRetRet0
24France Olivier GrouillardRetRetRetRet8Ret121111RetRetRetRetRetRetRet0
25Japan Ukyo Katayama12129DNQRetDNPQRetRetRetRetRet179Ret11Ret0
26France Paul BelmondoDNQDNQDNQ1213DNQ14DNQDNQ139     0
27Belgium Eric van de Poele13DNQDNQDNQDNQDNQDNQDNQWDDNQRet10Ret   0
28Italy Emanuele Naspetti           12Ret1113Ret0
29Italy Nicola Larini              12110
30United Kingdom Damon Hill   DNQDNQDNQDNQDNQ16DNQ11     0
31Netherlands Jan Lammers              Ret120
32Italy Gabriele TarquiniRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRet14RetRetRetRet   0
33Switzerland Andrea ChiesaDNQRetDNQRetDNQDNQDNQRetDNQDNQ      0
35Italy Alessandro Zanardi        DNQRetDNQ     0
36United Kingdom Perry McCarthy   DNPQDNPQDNPQ  DNPQEXCDNPQDNQ    0
37Italy Giovanna AmatiDNQDNQDNQ             0
38Italy Alex CaffiEXC               0
39Italy Enrico BertaggiaEXC               0

1992 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

United Kingdom Nigel Mansell16930121489780108
Brazil Ayrton Senna16313716981050
Austria Gerhard Berger16221507702049
Italy Riccardo Patrese16162918823056
Germany Michael Schumacher16134808872053
United Kingdom Martin Brundle16014508160038
France Jean Alesi16002206680018
Italy Andrea de Cesaris1600000706008
Italy Michele Alboreto1600000911006
United Kingdom Johnny Herbert1600000524002
Italy Pierluigi Martini1600000660002
Belgium Thierry Boutsen1600000713002
France Bertrand Gachot1600000510001
Brazil Maurício Gugelmin1600000509000
France Olivier Grouillard1600000489000
Finland Mika Häkkinen15000007940011
France Érik Comas1500000730004
Italy Gianni Morbidelli1500000688000
Finland Jyrki Järvilehto1500000870000
Italy Ivan Capelli1400000513003
Austria Karl Wendlinger1400000513003
Japan Ukyo Katayama1400000639000
Japan Aguri Suzuki1400000604000
Italy Gabriele Tarquini1300000370000
Italy Stefano Modena1200000408001
Brazil Christian Fittipaldi1000000509001
Belgium Eric van de Poele500000113000
Italy Emanuele Naspetti500000234000
France Paul Belmondo500000300000
Switzerland Andrea Chiesa30000059000
Netherlands Jan Lammers200000105000
United Kingdom Damon Hill200000128000
Italy Nicola Larini200000131000
Italy Enrico Bertaggia1000000000
United Kingdom Perry McCarthy1000000000
Italy Alessandro Zanardi1000001000
Brazil Roberto Moreno10000011000
Italy Alex Caffi1000000000

1992 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1United Kingdom Williams5111112Ret11122Ret1RetRet164
2United Kingdom McLaren13RetRet931RetRetRet21513RetRet99
3Italy Benetton194332Ret42Ret43Ret137Ret291
4Italy Ferrari27RetRet43RetRet3RetRet5RetRetRetRet5421
5United Kingdom Lotus119610RetDNQRetRet46Ret46Ret5Ret713
6United Kingdom Tyrrell3RetRetRetRet8Ret121111RetRetRetRetRetRetRet8
7United Kingdom Footwork91013655777797Ret7615Ret6
8France Ligier25Ret10RetRetRet1210Ret107RetRetRet8Ret56
9United Kingdom March16RetRetRet812Ret4RetRet16Ret1110RetRet123
10Italy Dallara21Ret88Ret119991310DNQ711Ret9Ret2
11Ireland Jordan32DNQRetRetDNQRetRetRetRetRetDNQRet15DNQ13761
12Italy Minardi23RetRetRet11Ret813DNQDNQRetDNQDNQDNQ12691
13France Larrousse29Ret11RetRetRet6DSQRetRet14Ret18RetRetRetRet1
14Italy Fondmetal14DNQRetDNQRetDNQDNQDNQRetDNQDNQRet10Ret   0
15United Kingdom Brabham713DNQDNQDNQDNQDNQDNQDNQWDDNQ      0

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