1986 F1 Championship Results

See all 1986 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

1986 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Brazilian Grand Prix resultMarch 23Brazil Nelson Piquet
United Kingdom Williams6101:39:32.583
Spanish Grand Prix resultApril 13Brazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom Lotus7201:48:47.735
San Marino Grand Prix resultApril 27France Alain Prost
United Kingdom McLaren6001:32:28.408
Monaco Grand Prix resultMay 11France Alain Prost
United Kingdom McLaren7801:55:41.060
Belgian Grand Prix resultMay 25United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams4301:27:57.925
Canadian Grand Prix resultJune 15United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams6901:42:26.415
Detroit Grand Prix resultJune 22Brazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom Lotus6301:51:12.847
French Grand Prix resultJuly 6United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams8001:37:19.272
British Grand Prix resultJuly 13United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams7501:30:38.471
German Grand Prix resultJuly 27Brazil Nelson Piquet
United Kingdom Williams4401:22:08.263
Hungarian Grand Prix resultAugust 10Brazil Nelson Piquet
United Kingdom Williams7602:00:34.508
Austrian Grand Prix resultAugust 17France Alain Prost
United Kingdom McLaren5201:21:22.531
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 7Brazil Nelson Piquet
United Kingdom Williams5101:17:42.889
Portuguese Grand Prix resultSeptember 21United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Williams7001:37:21.900
Mexican Grand Prix resultOctober 12Austria Gerhard Berger
Italy Benetton6801:33:18.700
Australian Grand Prix resultOctober 26France Alain Prost
United Kingdom McLaren8201:54:20.388

1986 Formula 1 Championship Driver Standings

1France Alain ProstRet311623236Ret1DSQ22172 (74)
2United Kingdom Nigel MansellRet2Ret41151133Ret215Ret70 (72)
3Brazil Nelson Piquet1Ret27Ret3Ret3211Ret134269
4Brazil Ayrton Senna21Ret3251RetRet22RetRet43Ret55
5Sweden Stefan JohanssonRetRet4103RetRetRetRet11433612323
6Finland Keke RosbergRet452Ret4Ret4Ret5Ret94RetRetRet22
7Austria Gerhard Berger663Ret10RetRetRetRet10Ret75Ret1Ret17
8France Jacques Laffite3RetRet65726Ret       14
9Italy Michele AlboretoRetRet10Ret4848RetRetRet2Ret5RetRet14
10France René Arnoux4RetRet5Ret6Ret544Ret10Ret715714
11United Kingdom Martin Brundle5Ret8RetRet9Ret105Ret6Ret10Ret1148
12Australia Alan JonesRetRetRetRet1110RetRetRet9Ret46RetRetRet4
13United Kingdom Johnny Dumfries9RetRetDNQRetRet7Ret7Ret5RetRet9Ret63
14France Philippe Streiff7RetRet1112119Ret6Ret8Ret9RetRet53
15France Patrick TambayRet8RetRetRetRet RetRet875RetNCRetNC2
16Italy Teo Fabi105RetRet7RetRetRetRetRetRetRetRet8Ret102
17Italy Riccardo PatreseRetRet6Ret8Ret67RetRetRetRetRetRet13Ret2
18Germany Christian DannerRetRetRetDNQRetRetRet11RetRetRet68119Ret1
19France Philippe Alliot         Ret9RetRetRet681
20Belgium Thierry BoutsenRet778RetRetRetNCNCRetRetRet7107Ret0
21United Kingdom Derek Warwick     Ret10987RetDNSRetRetRetRet0
22United Kingdom Jonathan PalmerRetRetRet1213Ret8Ret9Ret10RetRet121090
23Netherlands Huub Rothengatter  RetDNQRet12RetRetRetRetRet8RetRet Ret0
24Italy Andrea de CesarisRetRetRetDNQRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRet8Ret0
25Italy Elio de Angelis8RetRetRet            0
26Switzerland Marc SurerRetRet999           0
27Italy Piercarlo GhinzaniRetRetRetDNQRetRetRetRetRetRetRet11RetRetRetRet0
28Canada Allen Berg      RetRetRet12RetRet 1316NC0
29Italy Alessandro NanniniRetRetRet RetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetNC14Ret0
30Italy Alex Caffi            NC   0
31Italy Ivan Capelli            RetRet  0
32United States Eddie Cheever      Ret         0

1986 F1 results distribution of points: 1st =:25, 2nd = 18, 3rd =15, 4th = 12, 5th = 10, 6th = 8, 7th = 6, 8th = 4, 9th = 2, 10th = 1 point

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

1986 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

United Kingdom Nigel Mansell16522928894072
France Alain Prost164431119342074
Brazil Nelson Piquet164331029377069
Brazil Ayrton Senna16242887390055
Austria Gerhard Berger16101206952017
Sweden Stefan Johansson16004407390023
Finland Keke Rosberg16010116970022
Italy Michele Alboreto16010106520014
France René Arnoux16000008820014
United Kingdom Martin Brundle1600000815008
Australia Alan Jones1600000446004
France Philippe Streiff1600000733003
Italy Riccardo Patrese1600000610002
Italy Teo Fabi1600002570102
United Kingdom Jonathan Palmer1600000720000
Belgium Thierry Boutsen1600000766000
United Kingdom Johnny Dumfries1500000661003
France Patrick Tambay1500000587002
Germany Christian Danner1500000537001
Italy Alessandro Nannini1500000326000
Italy Piercarlo Ghinzani1500000242000
Italy Andrea de Cesaris1500000401000
Netherlands Huub Rothengatter1200000278000
United Kingdom Derek Warwick1000000451000
France Jacques Laffite9011204450014
Canada Allen Berg900000285000
France Philippe Alliot700000307001
Switzerland Marc Surer500000231000
Italy Elio de Angelis400000137000
Italy Ivan Capelli20000037000
Italy Alex Caffi10000045000
United States Eddie Cheever10000037000

1986 Formula 1 Championship Constructor Standings

1United Kingdom Williams5Ret2Ret41151133Ret215Ret141
2United Kingdom McLaren1Ret311623236Ret1DSQ22196
3United Kingdom Lotus119RetRetDNQRetRet7Ret7Ret5RetRet9Ret658
4Italy Ferrari27RetRet10Ret4848RetRetRet2Ret5RetRet37
5France Ligier254RetRet5Ret6Ret544Ret10Ret715729
6Italy Benetton19105RetRet7RetRetRetRetRetRetRetRet8Ret1019
7United Kingdom Tyrrell35Ret8RetRet9Ret105Ret6Ret10Ret11411
8United Kingdom Lola15RetRetRetRet1110RetRetRet9Ret46RetRetRet6
9United Kingdom Brabham7RetRet6Ret8Ret67RetRetRetRetRetRet13Ret2
88RetRetRet Ret10987RetDNSRetRetRetRet
10United Kingdom Arrows17RetRet999 Ret11RetRetRet68119Ret1
11Germany Zakspeed14RetRetRet1213Ret8Ret9Ret10RetRet121090
29  RetDNQRet12RetRetRetRetRet8RetRet Ret
12Italy Minardi23RetRetRetDNQRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRet8Ret0
24RetRetRet RetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetRetNC14Ret
13Italy Osella21RetRetRetDNQRetRetRetRetRetRetRet11RetRetRetRet0
14France AGS31            RetRet  0

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