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Make chance to get the 2017 F1 Fansite Season Photo Calendar for free!!!!

2017 F1 Fansite Photo Calendar
2017 F1 Fansite Photo Calendar

Hi F1 Fans,

As you know the 2016 F1 season is almost finished, with just 4 races to go, we decided to develop a 2017 F1 calendar.

Because we like as F1 Fansite Team this calendar so much, we would like to give some away to our biggest Fans for free.

The only thing you have to do, is to sign up for our Free F1 Newsletter.

As a token of appreciation we give away 2 of these great F1 Fansite Photo Calendars every week. We will announce the winners every Friday around noon on F1-Fansite.com and in our Free F1 Newsletter.

This A4 calendar is made of full color pictures of great 2016 Formula 1 season moments . Underneath each picture you'll find the monthly overview with wintertesting dates and all races of the upcoming 2017 F1 calendar.

These images are well selected by our F1-Fansite Team. On the last page of the calendar there's space to add your own favourite picture from your own favourite F1 Team or F1 Drivers moment of F1 2016 / 2017 season.

Fans who already have signed up earlier for our Newsletter, also will have the opportunity to win one.

Both winners will be drawn out of the people who subscribe for our F1 Newsletter.

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