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Hasegawa: Honda improvement 'more than a tenth'

McLaren teammates at Belgian GP F1/2017
McLaren teammates at Belgian GP F1/2017

Aug.31 - Honda is continuing to improve its 2017 engine.

That is despite the fact that, according to the latest specialist media reports, the Japanese manufacturer and McLaren are now on the cusp of a split.

But Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa told the Japanese source Sportiva that the marque made a clear step forward at Spa.

"We assume that the improvement was one tenth, but in fact it may have been more," he said.

"It is difficult to see because of the characteristics of Spa, but if we would have run it in Hungary, the result would have been different."

Hasegawa said the new specification seen in Belgium improved the torque of the engine at low speed.

"Although Spa is not a place where there are many low-speed corners, the eleventh place in qualifying shows the effect of 'specification 3.5'," he insisted.

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3 thoughts on “Hasegawa: Honda improvement 'more than a tenth'

  1. wency

    Mclaren dragged you into this situation and now they are dropping you out of their ego, they're nothing but assemblers, they only made a name thru the use of prime engines, '80s Honda, early 20th - MB, thats why they had put a challenge in true car makers of F1..go leave them Honda and dont pay a penny for the split, they can only manage to reach second in their max potential nweis, they dont know the saying thru thick or thins as partners, they were blaming you at monza,heck a their gearbox problem,and radioed in both drivers, arogant living on their past achievements

  2. wency

    and for the prima dona spaniard, you are paid to do the job, heck acting like he owns the team after purposely retiring at SPA.. top teams dont want him, why is that so? beaten by his team mate at silver arrows, c'mon.. just do what youre supposed to do, A lesson for Honda as well, never go to a battle unprepared, take the toro rosso deal but see to it that you get the same chassis as RBR, i cnt wait to see your engine outperform d MCL and say get dt piece of s**t MCL out of my way


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