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Vitaly Petrov information & statistics

Vitaly Petrov

Vitaly Petrov F1 statistics:

Race Starts57
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1



Vitaly Petrov F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2012 United Kingdom Caterham Renault1900000104000.000
2011 France Renault Renault1900110101701.9537
2010 France Renault Renault190000093911.4227

Race Results


Vitaly Petrov F1 GP Race Results

5820122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19110
5720122012 United States Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault21170
5620122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault20160
5520122012 Indian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19170
5420122012 Korean Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19160
5320122012 Japanese Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault22170
5220122012 Singapore Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19190
5120122012 Italian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19150
5020122012 Belgian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19140
4920122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault20190
4820122012 German Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault18160
4720122012 British Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault18DNSengine0
4620122012 European Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault20130
4520122012 Canadian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault18190
4420122012 Monaco Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault18RetElectrical problem0
4320122012 Spanish Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault18170
4220122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault18160
4120122012 Chinese Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19180
4020122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19160
3920122012 Australian Grand Prix result21CaterhamRenault19RetSteering0
3820112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault15101
3720112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault12130
3620112011 Indian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault16110
3520112011 Korean Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault8RetAccident0
3420112011 Japanese Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault1092
3320112011 Singapore Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault18170
3220112011 Italian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault7RetAccident0
3120112011 Belgian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault1092
3020112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault12120
2920112011 German Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault9101
2820112011 British Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault14120
2720112011 European Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault11150
2620112011 Canadian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault10510
2520112011 Monaco Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault10RetCollision0
2420112011 Spanish Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault6110
2320112011 Turkish Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault784
2220112011 Chinese Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault1092
2120112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault817Accident0
2020112011 Australian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault6315
1920102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault1068
1820102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault10160
1720102010 Korean Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault20RetAccident0
1620102010 Japanese Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault13RetCollision0
1520102010 Singapore Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault12110
1420102010 Italian Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault20130
1320102010 Belgian Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault2392
1220102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault7510
1120102010 German Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault13101
1020102010 British Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault15130
920102010 European Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault10140
820102010 Canadian Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault14170
720102010 Turkish Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault9150
620102010 Monaco Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault1413Brakes0
520102010 Spanish Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault19110
420102010 Chinese Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault1476
320102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault11RetGearbox0
220102010 Australian Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault18RetSpun off0
120102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result12RenaultRenault17RetSuspension0



Vitaly Petrov F1 Podium Finishes

120112011 Australian Grand Prix result10RenaultRenault6315

Teammate Comparison


Vitaly Petrov Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2010RenaultRobert Kubica52271360000217217
2011RenaultBruno Senna995200005335
Nick Heidfeld33323400005683
2012CaterhamHeikki Kovalainen11130000001010812

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