Robert Kubica information & statistics

Robert Kubica

Kubica F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

Championship Results

Robert Kubica F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2010 France Renault Renault190123099617.16136
2009 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber170101086401.0017
2008 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber1813371108404.1775
2007 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber160000090102.4439
2006 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber60011035801.006

Race Results

Robert Kubica F1 GP Race Results

7620102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault11510
7520102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault792
7420102010 Korean Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault8510
7320102010 Japanese Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault3RetCollision0
7220102010 Singapore Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault876
7120102010 Italian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault984
7020102010 Belgian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault3315
6920102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault8RetCollision0
6820102010 German Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault776
6720102010 British Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault623Driveshaft0
6620102010 European Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault6510
6520102010 Canadian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault876
6420102010 Turkish Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault768
6320102010 Monaco Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault2315
6220102010 Spanish Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault784
6120102010 Chinese Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault8510
6020102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault6412
5920102010 Australian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault9218
5820102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault9110
5720092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber7100
5620092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber828
5520092009 Japanese Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber990
5420092009 Singapore Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber781
5320092009 Italian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber13RetOil leak0
5220092009 Belgian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
5120092009 European Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber1081
5020092009 Hungarian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber18130
4920092009 German Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber16140
4820092009 British Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber12130
4720092009 Turkish Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber1072
4620092009 Monaco Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber17RetBrakes0
4520092009 Spanish Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber10110
4420092009 Bahrain Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber13180
4320092009 Chinese Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber17130
4220092009 Malaysian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber6RetEngine0
4120092009 Australian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber414Collision0
4020082008 Brazilian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber13110
3920082008 Chinese Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber1163
3820082008 Japanese Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber628
3720082008 Singapore Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber4110
3620082008 Italian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber1136
3520082008 Belgian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber863
3420082008 European Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber336
3320082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber481
3220082008 German Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber772
3120082008 British Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber10RetSpun off0
3020082008 French Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber554
2920082008 Canadian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber2110
2820082008 Monaco Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber528
2720082008 Turkish Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
2620082008 Spanish Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber445
2520082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber136
2420082008 Malaysian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber428
2320082008 Australian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber2RetCollision0
2220072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber754
2120072007 Chinese Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber9RetHydraulics0
2020072007 Japanese Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber972
1920072007 Belgian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber1490
1820072007 Italian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber654
1720072007 Turkish Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber581
1620072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber754
1520072007 European Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber572
1420072007 British Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
1320072007 French Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber445
1220072007 Canadian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber8RetAccident0
1120072007 Monaco Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber854
1020072007 Spanish Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
920072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber663
820072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber7180
720072007 Australian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber5RetGearbox0
620062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber990
520062006 Japanese Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber1290
420062006 Chinese Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber9130
320062006 Italian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber636
220062006 Turkish Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber8120
120062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber9220

Pole Positions

Robert Kubica F1 Pole Positions

120082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber136

Teammate Comparison

Robert Kubica Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2006BMW SauberNick Heidfeld3361000003315
2007BMW SauberNick Heidfeld4239610000610412
2008BMW SauberNick Heidfeld1275601010117135
2009BMW SauberNick Heidfeld2217190000710116
2010RenaultVitaly Petrov25136270000172172

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