Piero Taruffi information & statistics

NamePiero Taruffi
CountryItaly Italy
Place of BirthRome
Date of BirthOct 12th 1906
Date of DeathJan 2nd 1988 - 81 years old
First RaceSep 3rd 1950 Italian Grand Prix result
Last RaceSep 2nd 1956 Italian Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying2nd - May 18th 1952 Swiss Grand Prix result
First WinMay 18th 1952 Swiss Grand Prix result
Last WinMay 18th 1952 Swiss Grand Prix result
First PodiumMay 27th 1951 Swiss Grand Prix result
Last PodiumSep 11th 1955 Italian Grand Prix result

Coulthard F1 statistics:

Race Starts18
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

Championship Results

Piero Taruffi F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1956 Italy Maserati
United Kingdom Vanwall
1955 Italy Ferrari
Germany Mercedes
1954 Italy Ferrari Ferrari1000002100.000
1952 Italy Ferrari Ferrari61113032813.6722
1951 Italy Ferrari Ferrari50101017802.0010
1950 Italy Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo1000003400.000

Podium Finishes

Piero Taruffi F1 Podium Finishes

519551955 Italian Grand Prix result14MercedesMercedes926
419521952 British Grand Prix result17FerrariFerrari326
319521952 French Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari334
219521952 Swiss Grand Prix result30FerrariFerrari219
119511951 Swiss Grand Prix result44FerrariFerrari626

Pole Positions

Piero Taruffi F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Piero Taruffi Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1950Alfa RomeoConsalvo Sanesi13230000001001
Juan Manuel Fangio13130100011001
Luigi Fagioli1330400000101
Nino Farina1310801000101
1951FerrariAlberto Ascari21102502021414
Chico Landi5202000001010
José Froilán González5241600000303
Luigi Villoresi23101000001405
Peter Whitehead2158000002020
Rudi Fischer268000002020
1952FerrariAlberto Ascari211344.505040505
André Simon169010001120
Charles de Tornaco770000001120
Franco Comotti3124000001010
Hans Von Stuck7330000001010
Louis Rosier11013010004040
Luigi Villoresi730400000101
Nino Farina12312120023416
Peter Hirt1719010003030
Peter Whitehead2106000002020
Piero Carini3207000002020
Roger Laurent463000001010
Roy Salvadori286000001010
Rudi Fischer12221010004150
Rudolf Schoeller4213000001010
1954FerrariJosé Froilán González620300000101
Louis Rosier680000001001
Maurice Trintignant630400000101
Mike Hawthorn620300001102
Robert Manzon690000001001
1955FerrariHarry Schell8120000001010
Maurice Trintignant810801000202
Nino Farina830700000202
Paul Frère840300000101
MercedesJuan Manuel Fangio2191401010202
Karl Kling239400001102
Stirling Moss2191001011102
1956MaseratiAndré Simon13120000000110
Cesare Perdisa1350100000101
Jean Behra1330400000101
Louis Rosier1360000000101
Luigi Villoresi13150000001001
Paco Godia1370000000110
Stirling Moss1350100001102
VanwallHarry Schell18140000000110
Maurice Trintignant18170000000110

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