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Mike Hawthorn information & statistics

NameMike Hawthorn
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthMexborough
Date of BirthApr 10th 1929
Date of DeathJan 22nd 1959 - 29 years old
First RaceJun 22nd 1952 Belgian Grand Prix result
Last RaceOct 19th 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix result
First PoleJun 15th 1958 Belgian Grand Prix result
Last PoleOct 19th 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix result
First WinJul 5th 1953 French Grand Prix result
Last WinJul 6th 1958 French Grand Prix result
First PodiumJul 19th 1952 British Grand Prix result
Last PodiumOct 19th 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix result

Driver statistics:

Drivers' Titles1
Fastest Laps6

Championship Results

Mike Hawthorn F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1958 Italy Ferrari Ferrari101517453454.9049
1957 Italy Ferrari Ferrari70112040501.8613
1956 United Kingdom BRM
Italy Maserati
United Kingdom Vanwall
1955 Italy Ferrari
United Kingdom Vanwall
1954 Italy Ferrari Ferrari91304040012.7424.64
1953 Italy Ferrari Ferrari81023052903.3827
1952 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Bristol50011029502.0010

Race Results

Mike Hawthorn F1 GP Race Results

4819581958 Moroccan Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari126
4719581958 Italian Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari326
4619581958 Portuguese Grand Prix result24FerrariFerrari227
4519581958 German Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari1RetClutch0
4419581958 British Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari427
4319581958 French Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari119
4219581958 Belgian Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari127
4119581958 Dutch Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari652
4019581958 Monaco Grand Prix result38FerrariFerrari6RetFuel pump1
3919581958 Argentine Grand Prix result20FerrariFerrari234
3819571957 Italian Grand Prix result34FerrariFerrari1060
3719571957 German Grand Prix result8FerrariFerrari226
3619571957 British Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari534
3519571957 French Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari743
3419571957 Monaco Grand Prix result24FerrariFerrari9RetEngine0
3319571957 Monaco Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari5RetAccident0
3219571957 Argentine Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari7RetClutch0
3119561956 British Grand Prix result23BRMBRM3RetTransmission0
3019561956 French Grand Prix result24VanwallVanwall6100
2919561956 Monaco Grand Prix result10BRMBRM0WDEngine Valve0
2819561956 Argentine Grand Prix result14MaseratiMaserati834
2719551955 Italian Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari1410Gearbox0
2619551955 British Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari1260
2519551955 Dutch Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari570
2419551955 Belgian Grand Prix result40VanwallVanwall9RetGearbox0
2319551955 Monaco Grand Prix result18VanwallVanwall12RetThrottle0
2219541954 Spanish Grand Prix result38FerrariFerrari318
2119541954 Italian Grand Prix result40FerrariFerrari726
2019541954 Swiss Grand Prix result22FerrariFerrari6RetOil leak0
1919541954 German Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari523
1819541954 German Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari3RetTransmission0
1719541954 British Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari326.14
1619541954 French Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari8RetEngine0
1519541954 Belgian Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari541.5
1419541954 Argentine Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari4DSQDisqualified, Push Start0
1319531953 Italian Grand Prix result8FerrariFerrari643
1219531953 Swiss Grand Prix result26FerrariFerrari734
1119531953 German Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari434
1019531953 British Grand Prix result8FerrariFerrari352
919531953 French Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari718
819531953 Belgian Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari760
719531953 Dutch Grand Prix result8FerrariFerrari643
619531953 Argentine Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari643
519521952 Italian Grand Prix result42Cooper-ClimaxBristol12RetNot classified0
419521952 Dutch Grand Prix result32Cooper-ClimaxBristol343
319521952 British Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxBristol734
219521952 French Grand Prix result42Cooper-ClimaxBristol15RetIgnition0
119521952 Belgian Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxBristol643

Pole Positions

Mike Hawthorn F1 Pole Positions

419581958 Moroccan Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari126
319581958 German Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari1RetClutch0
219581958 French Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari119
119581958 Belgian Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari127

Teammate Comparison

Mike Hawthorn Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1952Cooper-ClimaxAlan Brown367000002120
David Murray3284000001010
Eric Brandon397000002130
Ken Wharton1990000000110
Reg Parnell374000001001
1953FerrariAlberto Ascari113146.515064518
Jacques Swaters378000002020
Kurt Adolff3284000001010
Louis Rosier1724010007070
Luigi Villoresi12311710006336
Max de Terra384000001010
Nino Farina11273211003517
Peter Hirt3174000001010
Piero Carini4243000001010
Umberto Maglioli483000001010
1954FerrariAlberto Ascari2126000001001
Jacques Swaters189.5010002130
José Froilán González2124.1429.6401013526
Louis Rosier289.14000003250
Maurice Trintignant1224.642110004581
Nino Farina421.5600011102
Piero Taruffi263000001120
Reg Parnell2236.14000001010
Robert Manzon1323.14410005270
Umberto Maglioli236200001230
1955FerrariEugenio Castellotti630600001212
Johnny Claes7110000001010
Luigi Villoresi10220000001001
Maurice Trintignant680000002130
Nino Farina10210000001001
Umberto Maglioli1060000000101
1956BRMRon Flockhart20270000001010
Tony Brooks16170000001110
MaseratiAlberto Uria364000001010
Carlos Menditeguy3104000001001
Chico Landi3441.500001010
Gerino Gerini3441.500001010
Jean Behra324600000101
José Froilán González3124000001001
Luigi Piotti394000001010
Oscar González364000001010
Stirling Moss374000001001
VanwallColin Chapman10200000001001
Harry Schell10100000001001
1957FerrariAlessandro de Tomaso1290000000110
Alfonso de Portago1250100000110
Cesare Perdisa1260000000110
Eugenio Castellotti12110000000101
José Froilán González1250100000110
Luigi Musso22131600003223
Maurice Trintignant347700002231
Peter Collins2317800006345
Wolfgang von Trips630400000321
1958FerrariLuigi Musso12231210203250
Olivier Gendebien2619000203030
Peter Collins11301411305270
Phil Hill2312900202130
Wolfgang von Trips1330910204260

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