Mike Hailwood information & statistics

NameMike Hailwood
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthOxford
Date of BirthApr 2nd 1940
Date of DeathMar 23rd 1981 - 40 years old
First RaceJul 20th 1963 British Grand Prix result
Last RaceAug 4th 1974 German Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying4th - (2 times)
Best Result2nd - Sep 10th 1972 Italian Grand Prix result
First PodiumSep 10th 1972 Italian Grand Prix result
Last PodiumMar 30th 1974 South African Grand Prix result

Hailwood F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

Championship Results

Mike Hailwood F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1974 United Kingdom McLaren Ford110011056601.0912
1973 United Kingdom Surtees Ford150000047300.000
1972 United Kingdom Surtees Ford100101042311.3013
1971 United Kingdom Surtees Ford20000010901.503
1965 United Kingdom Lotus BRM1000001200.000
1964 United Kingdom Lotus BRM90000043900.111
1963 United Kingdom Lola
United Kingdom Lotus

Race Results

Mike Hailwood F1 GP Race Results

5119741974 German Grand Prix result33McLarenFord1215Accident0
5019741974 British Grand Prix result33McLarenFord11RetSpun off0
4919741974 French Grand Prix result33McLarenFord670
4819741974 Dutch Grand Prix result33McLarenFord443
4719741974 Swedish Grand Prix result33McLarenFord11RetFuel Leak0
4619741974 Monaco Grand Prix result33McLarenFord10RetAccident0
4519741974 Belgian Grand Prix result33McLarenFord1370
4419741974 Spanish Grand Prix result33McLarenFord1790
4319741974 South African Grand Prix result33McLarenFord1234
4219741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result33McLarenFord752
4119741974 Argentine Grand Prix result33McLarenFord943
4019731973 United States Grand Prix result23SurteesFord6RetSuspension0
3919731973 Canadian Grand Prix result23SurteesFord1290
3819731973 Italian Grand Prix result23SurteesFord870
3719731973 Austrian Grand Prix result23SurteesFord15100
3619731973 German Grand Prix result23SurteesFord18140
3519731973 Dutch Grand Prix result23SurteesFord24RetElectrical0
3419731973 British Grand Prix result23SurteesFord12RetCollision0
3319731973 French Grand Prix result23SurteesFord11RetOil Leak0
3219731973 Swedish Grand Prix result23SurteesFord10RetTyre0
3119731973 Monaco Grand Prix result23SurteesFord1380
3019731973 Belgian Grand Prix result23SurteesFord13RetAccident0
2919731973 Spanish Grand Prix result9SurteesFord9RetOil Leak0
2819731973 South African Grand Prix result10SurteesFord12RetAccident0
2719731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result5SurteesFord14RetGearbox0
2619731973 Argentine Grand Prix result26SurteesFord10RetHalfshaft0
2519721972 United States Grand Prix result23SurteesFord1417Collision0
2419721972 Italian Grand Prix result10SurteesFord926
2319721972 Austrian Grand Prix result25SurteesFord1243
2219721972 German Grand Prix result14SurteesFord16RetSuspension0
2119721972 British Grand Prix result21SurteesFord7RetGearbox0
2019721972 French Grand Prix result26SurteesFord1061
1919721972 Belgian Grand Prix result34SurteesFord843
1819721972 Monaco Grand Prix result11SurteesFord11RetAccident0
1719721972 Spanish Grand Prix result15SurteesFord15RetElectrical0
1619721972 South African Grand Prix result17SurteesFord4RetSuspension0
1519711971 United States Grand Prix result20SurteesFord1415Accident0
1419711971 Italian Grand Prix result9SurteesFord1743
1319651965 Monaco Grand Prix result16LotusBRM12RetGearbox0
1219641964 Mexican Grand Prix result14LotusBRM17RetOverheating0
1119641964 United States Grand Prix result14LotusBRM158Oil Pipe0
1019641964 Italian Grand Prix result40LotusBRM17RetEngine0
919641964 Austrian Grand Prix result17LotusBRM1880
819641964 German Grand Prix result15LotusBRM13RetEngine0
719641964 British Grand Prix result14LotusBRM12RetOil Pipe0
619641964 French Grand Prix result36LotusBRM1380
519641964 Dutch Grand Prix result12LotusBRM1412Differential0
419641964 Monaco Grand Prix result18LotusBRM1561
319631963 South African Grand Prix result0LolaClimax0WDNo Time0
219631963 Italian Grand Prix result40LolaClimax18100
119631963 British Grand Prix result20LotusClimax1780

Podium Finishes

Mike Hailwood F1 Podium Finishes

219741974 South African Grand Prix result33McLarenFord1234
119721972 Italian Grand Prix result10SurteesFord926

Pole Positions

Mike Hailwood F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Mike Hailwood Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1963LolaBob Anderson10120000001010
Chris Amon10210000001010
LotusJim Clark810901010101
Jim Hall860100000101
Jo Siffert8140000001001
Masten Gregory8110000001010
Trevor Taylor8210000001001
1964LotusBernard Collomb6191000001010
Chris Amon651200005326
Gerhard Mitter2290000000110
Innes Ireland6201000001010
Jim Clark6112302052709
Jo Siffert681000001010
Mike Spence840400002424
Moisés Solana16100000000101
Peter Arundell6311100000303
Peter Revson6131000001340
Trevor Taylor20190000000110
Walt Hansgen850200000110
1965LotusPaul Hawkins15100000000110
Richard Attwood15120000000101
1971SurteesJohn Surtees4173000002002
Rolf Stommelen4243000001010
Sam Posey15250000001010
1972SurteesAndrea de Adamich2413300006491
John Love23160000000110
John Surtees2186000001010
Sam Posey17120000000110
Tim Schenken2813000007364
1973SurteesAndrea de Adamich2580000000110
Carlos Pace730700007887
Jochen Mass1470000001221
Luiz Bueno16120000000110
1974McLarenDave Charlton3194000001010
Denny Hulme31121201005674
Emerson Fittipaldi311237020147110

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