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Lewis Hamilton information & statistics

Lewis Hamilton
NameLewis Hamilton
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthStevenage
Date of BirthJan 7th 1985 - 32 years old
First RaceMar 18th 2007 Australian Grand Prix result
Last RaceApr 16th 2017 Bahrain F1 GP result
First PoleJun 10th 2007 Canadian Grand Prix result
Last PoleApr 9th 2017 Chinese F1 GP result
First WinJun 10th 2007 Canadian Grand Prix result
Last WinApr 9th 2017 Chinese F1 GP result
First PodiumMar 18th 2007 Australian Grand Prix result
Last PodiumApr 16th 2017 Bahrain F1 GP result
Lewis Hamilton races car number 44 for Mercedes

Hamilton F1 Statistics

Drivers' Titles3
Fastest Laps29
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Lewis Hamilton Biography

Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes team members: Andy Cowell, Paddy Lowe & Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes team members: Andy Cowell, Paddy Lowe & Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton is one of the fastest driver of his generation, and he is finally in a position to dominate the sport like his talent has always suggested he could.

The 30-year-old is now a double world champion after his success in 2014 and 2015, and he drives the sports fastest car.

Race wins should keep flowing and championships could start to total up, as the Englishman looks to cement his legacy as one of the sports greats.

Hamilton’s bold move to Mercedes in 2013, which many thought would go badly, has reinvigorated him.  After being on the books of McLaren since boyhood, he clearly needed a change from the team which helped him become world champion.

Hamilton’s time with McLaren soured towards the end, but it is worth noting that they enjoyed a unique driver/team relationship.

Ron Dennis & Lewis Hamilton 2007

Ron Dennis & Lewis Hamilton back in 2007 after winning his 1st podium in Malaysia

At the age of ten, Hamilton approached McLaren boss Ross Dennis and told him “I want to race for you one day ... I want to race for McLaren.” Less than a year later Hamilton was signed to the young drivers’ school, the rest as they say is history.

Dennis saw in Hamilton the drive and ability to become one of the sports finest ever. Much hype surrounded Lewis, and that only increased when it was announced that he would make his F1 debut for McLaren in 2007. Only special drivers start their career at a top team.

On his debut in Australia he came third, the next race second, and in just his sixth start in Canada he took his maiden victory. To prove it wasn't a one off, he did it again in USA a week later and mounted a genuine title challenge.

His team-mate, and defending double-world champion, Fernando Alonso didn't like the equal status he shared with the Brit, and they fell out spectacularly, with the Spaniard taking most of the blame. Alonso, McLaren’s prize signing, left at the end of the season.

Lewis Hamilton F1 Champion 2008

Lewis Hamilton F1 Champion 2008

Further wins in Hungary and Japan put Lewis on the brink of a remarkable debut world championship. But a mistake in China and a puncture in Brazil robbed Hamilton of what would have been a deserved title.

However, in 2008 it all came right. Heading into the final race in Sao Paolo Hamilton only needed a few points to win his maiden title. But a repeat of the previous year’s bad luck looked set to hand the title to a Ferrari, in this case Felipe Massa.

Hamilton’s last corner move on Timo Glock snatched the fifth place he needed to secure the title on the final lap of the season in the most dramatic end to a season seen since the days of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Since then, Hamilton’s progress has stalled slightly although he wasn’t helped by his team.

Lewis Hamilton racing the McLaren MP4-27 in Singpaore (2012)

Lewis Hamilton racing the McLaren MP4-27 in Singpaore (2012)

In 2009 an uncompetitive car merited just two wins, while 2010 saw him stay in contention but ultimately fall to Sebastian Vettel, who began his era of dominance. Personal life issues ruined his 2011 season, while it was obvious all was not well between team and driver in 2012.

After leading in Singapore his car broke down, it was symbolic of his relationship with McLaren. A fast start, plenty of hope and promise, before it all came to a dramatic halt.

His move to Mercedes, although a risk, gave him the freedom he craved. The results speak for themselves. An encouraging first year brought one win and a fourth place finish in the championship.

The main reason Hamilton moved to Mercedes was that Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda told him they would make him world champion in 2014. With a new set of rules,

Lewis Hamilton in Au Rouge at Spa in his Mercedes W06

Lewis Hamilton in Au Rouge at Spa in his Mercedes W06

Mercedes came out very strong in 2014. The new 1.6 V6 turbo engine era turned out very well for the German team. Rumours say that the Mercedes power unit generated more then 100 BHP than the PU of Ferrari and Renault. Hamilton and Nico Rosberg fought all season long, with the momentum swinging between them until Hamilton put his foot down.

A run of five wins in a row saw him win the 2014 F1 championship.

2015 then proved to be even better. Rosberg, Vettel and co didn't stand a chance as Hamilton wrapped up his third title in USA.

The 2016 F1 season was similar to 2015. The Mercedes W07 was even more dominant than ever. The car won 19 out of 21 races of the calendar. A collision in Spain with Rosberg and an engine blowup in Malaysia caused him to lose the drivers title to his team mate Rosberg. Nico had a fabulous season. 2016 F1 results show us that Lewis even had more victories and podiums than Nico. Never the less his engine blow up was his Achilles that season.

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Lewis Hamilton F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2017 Germany Mercedes Mercedes312032170220.3361
2016 Germany Mercedes Mercedes21103417121186318.10380
2015 Germany Mercedes Mercedes19106117111120720.05381
2014 Germany Mercedes Mercedes1911321671049620.21384
2013 Germany Mercedes Mercedes1910455108409.95189
2012 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes2040377104519.50190
2011 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes19330611013311.95227
2010 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes19351911001412.63240
2009 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes172125490402.8849
2008 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes18523107106515.4498
2007 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes17453126103726.41109

Race Results


Lewis Hamilton F1 GP Race Results

19120172017 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
19020172017 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
18920172017 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
18820162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
18720162016 Brazilian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
18620162016 Mexican F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
18520162016 US F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
18420162016 Japanese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2315
18320162016 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1RetEngine failure0
18220162016 Singapore F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes3315
18120162016 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
18020162016 Belgian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes22315
17920162016 German F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
17820162016 Hungarian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
17720162016 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
17620162016 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
17520162016 European F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes10510
17420162016 Canadian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
17320162016 Monaco F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes3125
17220162016 Spanish F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1RetCrashed0
17120162016 Russian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes10218
17020162016 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2176
16920162016 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1315
16820162016 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
16720152015 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
16620152015 Brazilian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
16520152015 Mexican F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
16420152015 US F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
16320152015 Russian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
16220152015 Japanese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
16120152015 Singapore F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes5Retintercooler0
16020152015 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
15920152015 Belgian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
15820152015 Hungarian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes168
15720152015 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
15620152015 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
15520152015 Canadian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
15420152015 Monaco F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1315
15320152015 Spanish F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
15220152015 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
15120152015 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
15020152015 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
14920152015 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
14820142014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2150
14720142014 Brazilian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
14620142014 United States F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
14520142014 Russian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
14420142014 Japanese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
14320142014 Singapore F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
14220142014 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
14120142014 Belgian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2Retdamage0
14020142014 Hungarian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes22315
13920142014 German F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes20315
13820142014 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes6125
13720142014 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes9218
13620142014 Canadian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2RetBrakes0
13520142014 Monaco F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
13420142014 Spanish F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
13320142014 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
13220142014 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
13120142014 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
13020142014 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1RetEngine0
12920132013 Brazilian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes592
12820132013 United States F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes5412
12720132013 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes476
12620132013 Indian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes368
12520132013 Japanese F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes3Retpuncture0
12420132013 Korean F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes2510
12320132013 Singapore F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes5510
12220132013 Italian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1292
12120132013 Belgian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1315
12020132013 Hungarian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1125
11920132013 German F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1510
11820132013 British F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1412
11720132013 Canadian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes2315
11620132013 Monaco F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes2412
11520132013 Spanish F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes2120
11420132013 Bahrain F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes9510
11320132013 Chinese F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1315
11220132013 Australian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes3510
11120132013 Malaysian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes4315
11020122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1200
10920122012 United States Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes2125
10820122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1RetFuel pressure0
10720122012 Indian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes3412
10620122012 Korean Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes3101
10520122012 Japanese Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes9510
10420122012 Singapore Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1RetGearbox0
10320122012 Italian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1125
10220122012 Belgian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes7RetCollision0
10120122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1125
10020122012 German Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes7RetPuncture damage0
9920122012 British Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes884
9820122012 European Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes2190
9720122012 Canadian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes2125
9620122012 Monaco Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes3510
9520122012 Spanish Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes2484
9420122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes284
9320122012 Chinese Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes7315
9220122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1315
9120122012 Australian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1315
9020112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes4RetGearbox0
8920112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2125
8820112011 Indian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes576
8720112011 Korean Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes1218
8620112011 Japanese Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3510
8520112011 Singapore Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes4510
8420112011 Italian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2412
8320112011 Belgian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2RetCollision0
8220112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2412
8120112011 German Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2125
8020112011 British Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes10412
7920112011 European Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3412
7820112011 Canadian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes5RetCollision0
7720112011 Monaco Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes968
7620112011 Spanish Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3218
7520112011 Turkish Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes4412
7420112011 Chinese Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3125
7320112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes284
7220112011 Australian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2218
7120102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2218
7020102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4412
6920102010 Korean Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4218
6820102010 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes8510
6720102010 Singapore Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3RetCollision0
6620102010 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes5RetCollision0
6520102010 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2125
6420102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes5RetGearbox0
6320102010 German Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes6412
6220102010 British Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4218
6120102010 European Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3218
6020102010 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1125
5920102010 Turkish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2125
5820102010 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes5510
5720102010 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes314Wheel0
5620102010 Chinese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes6218
5520102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2068
5420102010 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1168
5320102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4315
5220092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1RetBrakes0
5120092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1736
5020092009 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes336
4920092009 Singapore Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
4820092009 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes112Accident0
4720092009 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes12RetCollision0
4620092009 European Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes128
4520092009 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes4110
4420092009 German Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes5180
4320092009 British Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes19160
4220092009 Turkish Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes16130
4120092009 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes19120
4020092009 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1490
3920092009 Bahrain Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes545
3820092009 Chinese Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes963
3720092009 Malaysian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1271
3620092009 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes18DSQDisqualified0
3520082008 Brazilian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes454
3420082008 Chinese Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
3320082008 Japanese Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1120
3220082008 Singapore Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes236
3120082008 Italian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1572
3020082008 Belgian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes136
2920082008 European Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes228
2820082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes154
2720082008 German Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
2620082008 British Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes4110
2520082008 French Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes13100
2420082008 Canadian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1RetCollision0
2320082008 Monaco Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes3110
2220082008 Turkish Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes328
2120082008 Spanish Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes536
2020082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes3130
1920082008 Malaysian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes954
1820082008 Australian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
1720072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes272
1620072007 Chinese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1RetSpun off0
1520072007 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
1420072007 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes445
1320072007 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes228
1220072007 Turkish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes254
1120072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
1020072007 European Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1090
920072007 British Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes136
820072007 French Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes236
720072007 United States Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
620072007 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
520072007 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes228
420072007 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes428
320072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes228
220072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes428
120072007 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes436



Lewis Hamilton F1 Podium Finishes

10720172017 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
10620172017 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
10520172017 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
10420162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
10320162016 Brazilian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
10220162016 Mexican F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
10120162016 US F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
10020162016 Japanese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2315
9920162016 Singapore F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes3315
9820162016 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
9720162016 Belgian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes22315
9620162016 German F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
9520162016 Hungarian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
9420162016 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
9320162016 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
9220162016 Canadian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
9120162016 Monaco F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes3125
9020162016 Russian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes10218
8920162016 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1315
8820162016 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
8720152015 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
8620152015 Brazilian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
8520152015 Mexican F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
8420152015 US F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
8320152015 Russian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
8220152015 Japanese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
8120152015 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
8020152015 Belgian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
7920152015 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
7820152015 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
7720152015 Canadian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
7620152015 Monaco F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1315
7520152015 Spanish F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
7420152015 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
7320152015 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
7220152015 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
7120152015 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
7020142014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2150
6920142014 Brazilian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
6820142014 United States F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
6720142014 Russian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
6620142014 Japanese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
6520142014 Singapore F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
6420142014 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
6320142014 Hungarian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes22315
6220142014 German F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes20315
6120142014 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes6125
6020142014 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes9218
5920142014 Monaco F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2218
5820142014 Spanish F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5720142014 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5620142014 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes2125
5520142014 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5420132013 Belgian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1315
5320132013 Hungarian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1125
5220132013 Canadian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes2315
5120132013 Chinese F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1315
5020132013 Malaysian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes4315
4920122012 United States Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes2125
4820122012 Italian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1125
4720122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1125
4620122012 Canadian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes2125
4520122012 Chinese Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes7315
4420122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1315
4320122012 Australian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1315
4220112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2125
4120112011 Korean Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes1218
4020112011 German Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2125
3920112011 Spanish Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3218
3820112011 Chinese Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3125
3720112011 Australian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2218
3620102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2218
3520102010 Korean Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4218
3420102010 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2125
3320102010 British Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4218
3220102010 European Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3218
3120102010 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1125
3020102010 Turkish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2125
2920102010 Chinese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes6218
2820102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4315
2720092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1736
2620092009 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes336
2520092009 Singapore Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
2420092009 European Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes128
2320092009 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes4110
2220082008 Chinese Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
2120082008 Singapore Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes236
2020082008 Belgian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes136
1920082008 European Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes228
1820082008 German Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
1720082008 British Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes4110
1620082008 Monaco Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes3110
1520082008 Turkish Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes328
1420082008 Spanish Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes536
1320082008 Australian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
1220072007 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
1120072007 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes228
1020072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
920072007 British Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes136
820072007 French Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes236
720072007 United States Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
620072007 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
520072007 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes228
420072007 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes428
320072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes228
220072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes428
120072007 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes436



Lewis Hamilton F1 Pole Positions

6320172017 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
6220172017 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
6120162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
6020162016 Brazilian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5920162016 Mexican F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5820162016 US F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5720162016 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1RetEngine failure0
5620162016 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
5520162016 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5420162016 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5320162016 Canadian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
5220162016 Spanish F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1RetCrashed0
5120162016 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1315
5020162016 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
4920152015 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
4820152015 Belgian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
4720152015 Hungarian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes168
4620152015 British F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
4520152015 Austrian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
4420152015 Canadian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
4320152015 Monaco F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1315
4220152015 Bahrain F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
4120152015 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
4020152015 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1218
3920152015 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
3820142014 Russian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
3720142014 Singapore F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
3620142014 Italian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
3520142014 Spanish F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
3420142014 Chinese F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
3320142014 Malaysian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1125
3220142014 Australian F1 GP result44MercedesMercedes1RetEngine0
3120132013 Belgian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1315
3020132013 Hungarian F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1125
2920132013 German F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1510
2820132013 British F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1412
2720132013 Chinese F1 GP result10MercedesMercedes1315
2620122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1200
2520122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1RetFuel pressure0
2420122012 Singapore Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1RetGearbox0
2320122012 Italian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1125
2220122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1125
2120122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1315
2020122012 Australian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes1315
1920112011 Korean Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes1218
1820102010 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1125
1720092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1RetBrakes0
1620092009 Singapore Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
1520092009 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes112Accident0
1420092009 European Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes128
1320082008 Chinese Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
1220082008 Japanese Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1120
1120082008 Belgian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes136
1020082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes154
920082008 German Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
820082008 Canadian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1RetCollision0
720082008 Australian Grand Prix result22McLarenMercedes1110
620072007 Chinese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1RetSpun off0
520072007 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
420072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
320072007 British Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes136
220072007 United States Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110
120072007 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes1110

Teammate Comparison


Lewis Hamilton Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2007McLarenFernando Alonso111091094462710107
2008McLarenHeikki Kovalainen1198535171126135
2009McLarenHeikki Kovalainen1449222040116125
2010McLarenJenson Button112402143210127136
2011McLarenJenson Button112272703310910127
2012McLarenJenson Button111901884371119155
2013MercedesNico Rosberg111891711253109118
2014MercedesNico Rosberg11384317115711127712
2015MercedesNico Rosberg11381322106117127127
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Lauda: Ferrari triggers Mercedes 'alarm bells'

Apr.20 - Ferrari has set off "alarm bells" at triple back-to-back world champions Mercedes. That is the admission of Niki Lauda, the F1 legend and Mercedes team chairman and..

April 20, 2017 with 0 Comments.

Mercedes drivers admit tyre problems

Apr.19 - Mercedes' two drivers have admitted the team is struggling with tyre problems in 2017. After three races, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel is leading the world championship,..

April 19, 2017 with 0 Comments.

Wolff: Team orders approach has changed

Apr.18 - Mercedes reluctantly used team orders in Bahrain because "the situation is different now". That is the explanation of team boss Toto Wolff, speaking after Valtteri Bottas..

April 18, 2017 with 0 Comments.

Wolff: Ferrari & Mercedes 'about equal'

Apr.17 - Three races into the season, it is now clear that the world of F1 has a real championship battle on its hands. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel beat the two Mercedes in..

April 17, 2017 with 0 Comments.

Press Conference Qualifying 2017 Bahrian GP

DRIVERS 1 – Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) 2 – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 3 – Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)   TV UNILATERAL Q: It must be a brilliant feeling for you Valtteri,..

April 16, 2017 with 1 Comment.

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