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January 26, 2017: Kevin Magnussen
NameKevin Magnussen
CountryDenmark Denmark
Place of BirthRoskilde
Date of BirthOct 5th 1992 - 24 years old
First RaceMar 16th 2014 Australian F1 GP result
Last RaceMay 28th 2017 Monaco F1 GP result
Best Qualifying4 - (2 times)
Best Result2 - Mar 16th 2014 Australian F1 GP result
First PodiumMar 16th 2014 Australian F1 GP result
Last PodiumMar 16th 2014 Australian F1 GP result
Kevin Magnussen races car number 20 for Haas

Kevin Magnussen F1 statistics:

Race Starts46
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0
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Kevin Magnussen Biography

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen (2014)

For a 22-year-old to make his debut at one of the biggest teams in the sport must mean he has plenty of talent. The Hamilton comparisons will be written everywhere, and so they should be.

Kevin Magnussen has been described as “very talented and very determined” by his new team principle Martin Whitmarsh and these are similar qualities boasted by Lewis Hamilton, who Magnussen hopes to emulate in his debut season.

Hamilton almost won the championship in his first year and the Dane has already spoken of going that tiny step further this year and becoming Denmark’s first F1 champion.

McLaren’s new recruit hopes to bring back the glory days to the Woking team, who have put a lot of faith in the talents of the 22-year-old.

Kevin Magnussen talks to the media

Kevin Magnussen talks to the media

In replacing Sergio Perez, Magnussen raced alongside Jenson Button in what will be a thrilling sub-plot as the old takes on the new in a head-to-head battle. A new ear of F1 is approaching and Magnussen is seen at the strongest of the new batch of drivers.

Magnussen has good racing pedigree. His father, Jan Magnussen, was also an F1 driver formerly with McLaren and Stewart. Magnussen hasn’t taken the contemporary route into the sport by going through GP2.

Last season he won the Formula Renault 3.5 Feeder series championship, while he has also had past experience in Formula Ford and almost won the Formula 3 Championship in 2011, but narrowly finished second despite winning seven races.

MAGNUSSEN Kevin during the 2016 Formula One World Championship, Japan Grand Prix

Kevin Magnussen, 2016 Japanese F1 GP

This isn’t a rash decision by McLaren. They have had their eyes on Magnussen for a long time and signed him as their development driver in 2012.

He attended the Abu Dhabi young driver test and impressed McLaren who felt he looked at home in the car from the off, while he was the fastest McLaren driver at the Silverstone young drivers test in July. He is one of two drivers they believe are future world champions. The second, Stoffel Vandoorne, finished second to him the Formula Renault champion of last season.

Magnussen also possesses the immense self-belief needed to become a success at a top team, further drawing comparisons with Lewis Hamilton. He has the aura that makes you believe he will be in F1 for a number of years to come, and, probably, near the top.

In 2015 he was test and reserve driver at McLaren and in 2016 Magnussen drove for Renault. The French car brand entered F1 again after being away since 2011. Because of this the Renault RS16 was very fast, so Magnussen could not show his talent on the track. His best finish was 7th in Russia. But could only score 7 points in total and retired 4th times.

To have better changes on good results he switched to Haas for the 2017 F1 season.




Kevin Magnussen F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2017 United States Haas F1 Team Ferrari60000030400.835
2016 France Renault Renault2100000107800.337
2014 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes1901010111302.8955



Kevin Magnussen F1 GP Race Results

4720172017 Monaco F1 GP result20Haas F1 TeamFerrari11101
4620172017 Spanish F1 GP result20Haas F1 TeamFerrari11140
4520172017 Russian F1 GP result20Haas F1 TeamFerrari13130
4420172017 Bahrain F1 GP result20Haas F1 TeamFerrari20Rettechnical0
4320172017 Chinese F1 GP result20Haas F1 TeamFerrari1284
4220172017 Australian F1 GP result20Haas F1 TeamFerrari17Retsuspension0
4120162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result20RenaultRenault18Ret0
4020162016 Brazilian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault18140
3920162016 Mexican F1 GP result20RenaultRenault14170
3820162016 US F1 GP result20RenaultRenault18110
3720162016 Japanese F1 GP result20RenaultRenault17140
3620162016 Malaysian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault14RetTechnical0
3520162016 Singapore F1 GP result20RenaultRenault16101
3420162016 Italian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault21170
3320162016 Belgian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault12RetSpun off0
3220162016 German F1 GP result20RenaultRenault17160
3120162016 Hungarian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault19150
3020162016 British F1 GP result20RenaultRenault16170
2920162016 Austrian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault17140
2820162016 European F1 GP result20RenaultRenault12140
2720162016 Canadian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault22160
2620162016 Monaco F1 GP result20RenaultRenault16RetCollision0
2520162016 Spanish F1 GP result20RenaultRenault15140
2420162016 Russian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault1776
2320162016 Chinese F1 GP result20RenaultRenault17170
2220162016 Bahrain F1 GP result20RenaultRenault19110
2120162016 Australian F1 GP result20RenaultRenault15120
2020152015 Australian F1 GP result20McLarenHonda18DNS0
1920142014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes9110
1820142014 Brazilian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes792
1720142014 United States F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes784
1620142014 Russian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes11510
1520142014 Japanese F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes7140
1420142014 Singapore F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes9101
1320142014 Italian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes5101
1220142014 Belgian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes7120
1120142014 Hungarian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes21120
1020142014 German F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes492
920142014 British F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes576
820142014 Austrian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes676
720142014 Canadian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes1292
620142014 Monaco F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes8101
520142014 Spanish F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes15120
420142014 Chinese F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes15130
320142014 Bahrain F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes8RetClutch0
220142014 Malaysian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes892
120142014 Australian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes4218



Kevin Magnussen F1 Podium Finishes

120142014 Australian F1 GP result20McLarenMercedes4218



Kevin Magnussen F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison


Kevin Magnussen Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2014McLarenJenson Button23551260000415109
2015McLarenJenson Button16110000000101
2016RenaultJolyon Palmer710710000129129
2017Haas F1 TeamRomain Grosjean885900003333



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