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Jo Siffert information & statistics

Formula 1 statistics:

Race Starts97
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps4

Achievements by Jo Siffert:

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1971 United Kingdom BRM BRM111102151611.7319
1970 United Kingdom March Ford120000047900.000
1969 United Kingdom Lotus Ford110112051801.3615
1968 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
United Kingdom Lotus
1967 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Maserati100000049600.606
1966 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
1965 United Kingdom Brabham BRM100000060000.505
1964 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Lotus
1963 United Kingdom Lotus BRM90000037900.111
1962 United Kingdom Lotus
United Kingdom Lotus

Jo Siffert Teammate Comparison:

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1962LotusCarlo Abate16210000001010
Dan Gurney10200000001010
Ernesto Prinoth26270000000000
Gerry Ashmore26240000000000
Günther Seiffert12300000001010
Heinz Schiller12240000001010
Innes Ireland1090000002305
Jack Brabham1050300000404
Jay Chamberlain12150000001111
Jim Clark10102102040606
John Campbell-Jones10110000001010
Keith Greene26220000000000
Kurt Kuhnke26310000000000
Lucien Bianchi1090000000110
Masten Gregory1070000001304
Maurice Trintignant1070000001505
Nino Vaccarella1790000000101
Peter Arundell16180000001010
Tony Shelly12210000001111
Trevor Taylor1080000002415
Wolfgang Seidel12200000001111
1963LotusAndré Pilette9230000002020
Bernard Collomb9100000002020
Chris Amon9200000001010
Gaetano Starrabba17330000001010
Günther Seiffert17310000001010
Hap Sharp970000001120
Innes Ireland9100000003131
Jack Brabham1590000000110
Jim Clark6116406060909
Jim Hall651300002772
John Campbell-Jones15200000001010
Kurt Kuhnke9260000001010
Masten Gregory6111000003131
Maurice Trintignant681000001010
Mike Hailwood1480000000110
Mike Spence17130000000101
Pedro Rodríguez9150000002011
Peter Arundell6211000002020
Phil Hill6141000001010
Rodger Ward12140000001010
Thomas Monarch9250000001010
Tim Parnell9250000001010
Trevor Taylor661100006226
Walt Hansgen9220000002020
1964BrabhamBob Anderson433500002433
Dan Gurney3171902025409
Frank Gardner11230000001010
Giacomo "Geki" Russo7220000001010
Hap Sharp3104000001120
Ian Raby7180000002020
Jack Brabham3371100004518
Jo Bonnier367100006235
Jochen Rindt17100000000110
LotusBernard Collomb8190000001010
Chris Amon8170000001010
Innes Ireland8200000001010
Jim Clark840300010101
Mike Hailwood860100000101
Peter Arundell830400000101
Peter Revson8180000001010
1965BrabhamBob Anderson692000005023
Dan Gurney4242500003609
David Prophet7140000001010
Denny Hulme642500003324
Frank Gardner681000004361
Giancarlo Baghetti17220000001010
Ian Raby9110000002020
Jack Brabham434900004334
Jo Bonnier475000006446
Paul Hawkins790000001010
1966BrabhamBob Anderson10160000001001
Denny Hulme10140000001001
Jack Brabham10120000001001
Cooper-ClimaxChris Amon1480000000110
Chris Lawrence13110000000110
Guy Ligier1060000000431
Jo Bonnier463100002332
Jochen Rindt4232000002507
John Surtees4131301014206
Moisés Solana11180000001010
Richie Ginther1550200000101
1967Cooper-ClimaxAlan Rees1990000000101
Guy Ligier473000002020
Jacky Ickx463100001120
Jo Bonnier463300005243
Jochen Rindt446600006318
John Love1220600000101
Pedro Rodríguez4131501003535
Silvio Moser19150000000110
1968Cooper-ClimaxBasil van Rooyen7160000001010
Brian Redman7210000001010
Jo Bonnier7130000001010
Ludovico Scarfiotti7230000001001
LotusBill Brack15180000001010
Graham Hill11124213124738
Jackie Oliver1312610104572
Mario Andretti5182000011001
Moisés Solana6171000101010
1969LotusGraham Hill21151901003737
Hans Herrmann11262000001010
Jo Bonnier8152000002020
Jochen Rindt21112201055519
John Love4163000001001
John Miles8100000005050
Mario Andretti4155000003012
Pete Lovely1070000000330
Richard Attwood344300001010
Rolf Stommelen1182000000110
1970MarchChris Amon72023000049211
François Cevert860100002736
Hubert Hahne8250000001010
Jackie Stewart7102501034619
Johnny Servoz-Gavin850200002121
Mario Andretti830400003223
Ronnie Peterson770000004545
1971BRMGeorge Eaton9150000001010
Helmut Marko11115010104040
Howden Ganley14195101074110
John Cannon2146000001010
Pedro Rodríguez424900001414
Peter Gethin1115911103140
Vic Elford14110000000110

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