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Jackie Stewart information & statistics

Jackie Stewart F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles3
Fastest Laps15

Championship Results

Jackie Stewart F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1973 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford155218388414.7371
1972 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford114105260744.0945
1971 United Kingdom Tyrrell
United Kingdom Tyrrell
1970 United Kingdom March
United Kingdom Tyrrell
1969 France Matra Ford116107261855.7363
1968 France Matra Ford103014060823.6036
1967 United Kingdom BRM BRM110112040500.9110
1966 United Kingdom BRM BRM81001030401.7514
1965 United Kingdom BRM BRM101315054003.4034

Race Results

Jackie Stewart F1 GP Race Results

10019731973 United States Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord5WDWithdrew0
9919731973 Canadian Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord952
9819731973 Italian Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord643
9719731973 Austrian Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord726
9619731973 German Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord119
9519731973 Dutch Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord219
9419731973 British Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord4100
9319731973 French Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord143
9219731973 Swedish Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord352
9119731973 Monaco Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord119
9019731973 Belgian Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord619
8919731973 Spanish Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord4RetBrakes0
8819731973 South African Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1619
8719731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord826
8619731973 Argentine Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord434
8519721972 United States Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord119
8419721972 Canadian Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord519
8319721972 Italian Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord3RetClutch0
8219721972 Austrian Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord370
8119721972 German Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord211Collision0
8019721972 British Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord426
7919721972 French Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord319
7819721972 Monaco Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord843
7719721972 Spanish Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord4RetAccident0
7619721972 South African Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord1RetGearbox0
7519721972 Argentine Grand Prix result21TyrrellFord219
7419711971 United States Grand Prix result8TyrrellFord152
7319711971 Canadian Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord119
7219711971 Italian Grand Prix result30TyrrellFord7RetEngine0
7119711971 Austrian Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord2RetHalfshaft0
7019711971 German Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord119
6919711971 British Grand Prix result12TyrrellFord219
6819711971 French Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord119
6719711971 Dutch Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord3110
6619711971 Monaco Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord119
6519711971 Spanish Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord419
6419711971 South African Grand Prix result9TyrrellCosworth126
6319701970 Mexican Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord2RetSuspension0
6219701970 United States Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord2RetOil Leak0
6119701970 Canadian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1RetAxle0
6019701970 Italian Grand Prix result18MarchFord426
5919701970 Austrian Grand Prix result1MarchFord4RetFuel Pipe0
5819701970 German Grand Prix result1MarchFord7RetEngine0
5719701970 British Grand Prix result1MarchFord8RetClutch0
5619701970 French Grand Prix result1MarchFord490
5519701970 Dutch Grand Prix result5MarchFord226
5419701970 Belgian Grand Prix result11MarchFord1RetEngine0
5319701970 Monaco Grand Prix result21MarchFord1RetEngine0
5219701970 Spanish Grand Prix result1MarchFord319
5119701970 South African Grand Prix result1MarchFord134
5019691969 Mexican Grand Prix result3MatraFord343
4919691969 United States Grand Prix result3MatraFord3RetEngine0
4819691969 Canadian Grand Prix result17MatraFord4RetCollision0
4719691969 Italian Grand Prix result20MatraFord319
4619691969 German Grand Prix result7MatraFord226
4519691969 British Grand Prix result3MatraFord219
4419691969 French Grand Prix result2MatraFord119
4319691969 Dutch Grand Prix result4MatraFord219
4219691969 Monaco Grand Prix result7MatraFord1RetHalfshaft0
4119691969 Spanish Grand Prix result7MatraFord419
4019691969 South African Grand Prix result7MatraFord419
3919681968 Mexican Grand Prix result15MatraFord770
3819681968 United States Grand Prix result15MatraFord219
3719681968 Canadian Grand Prix result14MatraFord1161
3619681968 Italian Grand Prix result4MatraFord6RetEngine0
3519681968 German Grand Prix result6MatraFord619
3419681968 British Grand Prix result14MatraFord761
3319681968 French Grand Prix result28MatraFord234
3219681968 Dutch Grand Prix result8MatraFord519
3119681968 Belgian Grand Prix result7MatraFord24Out of fuel3
3019681968 South African Grand Prix result16MatraFord3RetEngine0
2919671967 Mexican Grand Prix result7BRMBRM12RetEngine0
2819671967 United States Grand Prix result7BRMBRM10RetInjection0
2719671967 Italian Grand Prix result34BRMBRM7RetEngine0
2619671967 Canadian Grand Prix result15BRMBRM9RetThrottle0
2519671967 German Grand Prix result11BRMBRM3RetDifferential0
2419671967 British Grand Prix result3BRMBRM12RetTransmission0
2319671967 French Grand Prix result10BRMBRM1034
2219671967 Belgian Grand Prix result14BRMBRM626
2119671967 Dutch Grand Prix result9BRMBRM11RetBrakes0
2019671967 Monaco Grand Prix result4BRMBRM6RetDifferential0
1919671967 South African Grand Prix result5BRMBRM9RetEngine0
1819661966 Mexican Grand Prix result4BRMBRM10RetOil Leak0
1719661966 United States Grand Prix result4BRMBRM6RetEngine0
1619661966 Italian Grand Prix result28BRMBRM9RetFuel Leak0
1519661966 German Grand Prix result6BRMBRM352
1419661966 Dutch Grand Prix result14BRMBRM843
1319661966 British Grand Prix result4BRMBRM8RetEngine0
1219661966 Belgian Grand Prix result15BRMBRM3RetAccident0
1119661966 Monaco Grand Prix result12BRMBRM319
1019651965 Mexican Grand Prix result4BRMBRM8RetClutch0
919651965 United States Grand Prix result4BRMBRM6RetSuspension0
819651965 Italian Grand Prix result32BRMBRM319
719651965 German Grand Prix result10BRMBRM2RetSuspension0
619651965 Dutch Grand Prix result12BRMBRM626
519651965 British Grand Prix result4BRMBRM452
419651965 French Grand Prix result12BRMBRM226
319651965 Belgian Grand Prix result8BRMBRM326
219651965 Monaco Grand Prix result4BRMBRM334
119651965 South African Grand Prix result4BRMBRM1161

Podium Finishes

Jackie Stewart F1 Podium Finishes

4319731973 Austrian Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord726
4219731973 German Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord119
4119731973 Dutch Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord219
4019731973 Monaco Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord119
3919731973 Belgian Grand Prix result5TyrrellFord619
3819731973 South African Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1619
3719731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord826
3619731973 Argentine Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord434
3519721972 United States Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord119
3419721972 Canadian Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord519
3319721972 British Grand Prix result1TyrrellFord426
3219721972 French Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord319
3119721972 Argentine Grand Prix result21TyrrellFord219
3019711971 Canadian Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord119
2919711971 German Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord119
2819711971 British Grand Prix result12TyrrellFord219
2719711971 French Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord119
2619711971 Monaco Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord119
2519711971 Spanish Grand Prix result11TyrrellFord419
2419711971 South African Grand Prix result9TyrrellCosworth126
2319701970 Italian Grand Prix result18MarchFord426
2219701970 Dutch Grand Prix result5MarchFord226
2119701970 Spanish Grand Prix result1MarchFord319
2019701970 South African Grand Prix result1MarchFord134
1919691969 Italian Grand Prix result20MatraFord319
1819691969 German Grand Prix result7MatraFord226
1719691969 British Grand Prix result3MatraFord219
1619691969 French Grand Prix result2MatraFord119
1519691969 Dutch Grand Prix result4MatraFord219
1419691969 Spanish Grand Prix result7MatraFord419
1319691969 South African Grand Prix result7MatraFord419
1219681968 United States Grand Prix result15MatraFord219
1119681968 German Grand Prix result6MatraFord619
1019681968 French Grand Prix result28MatraFord234
919681968 Dutch Grand Prix result8MatraFord519
819671967 French Grand Prix result10BRMBRM1034
719671967 Belgian Grand Prix result14BRMBRM626
619661966 Monaco Grand Prix result12BRMBRM319
519651965 Italian Grand Prix result32BRMBRM319
419651965 Dutch Grand Prix result12BRMBRM626
319651965 French Grand Prix result12BRMBRM226
219651965 Belgian Grand Prix result8BRMBRM326
119651965 Monaco Grand Prix result4BRMBRM334

Teammate Comparison

Jackie Stewart Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1965BRMGiorgio Bassi1239010001010
Graham Hill11344712044637
Lucien Bianchi2126000001010
Masten Gregory1817010003140
Roberto Bussinello1139010002020
1966BRMBob Bondurant1411310003250
Graham Hill12141710005344
Innes Ireland1370000000220
Vic Wilson8180000001010
1967BRMChris Irwin2510200005371
David Hobbs1480000000220
Mike Spence2510900004792
Piers Courage1280000001120
1968MatraHenri Pescarolo691000002020
Jean-Pierre Beltoise12369300082100
Johnny Servoz-Gavin621600002130
1969MatraHenri Pescarolo256000001010
Jean-Pierre Beltoise126321602092101
Johnny Servoz-Gavin269100002240
1970MarchChris Amon12251410304682
François Cevert2612100004260
Hubert Hahne14250000001010
Jo Siffert1725010306491
Johnny Servoz-Gavin1513210203030
Mario Andretti1313410104150
Ronnie Peterson2712000204370
1971TyrrellFrançois Cevert116226616083101
Peter Revson5292000101010
1972TyrrellFrançois Cevert12459402083110
Patrick Depailler1718020102020
1973TyrrellChris Amon5102000002020
Eddie Keizan1139010001010
François Cevert1271475030105114

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