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Alan Jones information & statistics

Jones F1 statistics:

Race Starts116
Drivers' Titles1
Fastest Laps13

Championship Results

Alan Jones F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1986 United Kingdom Lola
United Kingdom Lola
1985 United Kingdom Lola Hart3000003900.000
1983 United Kingdom Arrows Ford1000005800.000
1981 United Kingdom Williams Ford152316082753.0746
1980 United Kingdom Williams Ford1453210375755.0771
1979 United Kingdom Williams Ford154015381212.8743
1978 United Kingdom Williams Ford160101077120.6911
1977 United Kingdom Shadow Ford141012073001.5722
1976 United Kingdom Surtees Ford140000078100.507
1975 United Kingdom Hesketh
United Kingdom Hill

Race Results

Alan Jones F1 GP Race Results

11719861986 Australian Grand Prix result15LolaFord15RetEngine0
11619861986 Mexican Grand Prix result15LolaFord15RetTyre0
11519861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result15LolaFord17RetBrakes/Spin0
11419861986 Italian Grand Prix result15LolaFord1861
11319861986 Austrian Grand Prix result15LolaFord1643
11219861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result15LolaFord10RetDifferential0
11119861986 German Grand Prix result15LolaFord1990
11019861986 British Grand Prix result15LolaFord14RetThrottle0
10919861986 French Grand Prix result15LolaFord20RetAccident0
10819861986 Detroit Grand Prix result15LolaFord21RetSteering0
10719861986 Canadian Grand Prix result15LolaFord13100
10619861986 Belgian Grand Prix result15LolaFord1611Out of Fuel0
10519861986 Monaco Grand Prix result15LolaFord18RetAccident0
10419861986 San Marino Grand Prix result15LolaFord21RetOverheating0
10319861986 Spanish Grand Prix result15LolaHart17RetCollision0
10219861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result15LolaHart19RetInjection0
10119851985 Australian Grand Prix result33LolaHart19RetElectrical0
10019851985 South African Grand Prix result33LolaHart18DNSUnwell0
9919851985 European Grand Prix result33LolaHart22RetRadiator0
9819851985 Italian Grand Prix result33LolaHart25RetEngine0
9719831983 United States Grand Prix West result30ArrowsFord12RetDriver Unwell0
9619811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord219
9519811981 Canadian Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord3RetHandling0
9419811981 Italian Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord526
9319811981 Dutch Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord434
9219811981 Austrian Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord643
9119811981 German Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord4110
9019811981 British Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord7Retcollision0
8919811981 French Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord917collision0
8819811981 Spanish Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord270
8719811981 Monaco Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord726
8619811981 Belgian Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord6RetAccident0
8519811981 San Marino Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord8120
8419811981 Argentine Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord343
8319811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result1WilliamsFord326
8219811981 United States Grand Prix West result1WilliamsFord219
8119801980 United States Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord519
8019801980 Canadian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord219
7919801980 Italian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord626
7819801980 Dutch Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord4110
7719801980 Austrian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord326
7619801980 German Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord134
7519801980 British Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord319
7419801980 French Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord419
7319801980 Monaco Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord3RetDifferential0
7219801980 Belgian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord126
7119801980 United States Grand Prix West result27WilliamsFord5RetAccident0
7019801980 South African Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord8RetGearbox0
6919801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord1034
6819801980 Argentine Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord119
6719791979 United States Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord1RetWheel0
6619791979 Canadian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord119
6519791979 Italian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord490
6419791979 Dutch Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord219
6319791979 Austrian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord219
6219791979 German Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord219
6119791979 British Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord1RetWater Pump0
6019791979 French Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord743
5919791979 Monaco Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord9RetSteering0
5819791979 Belgian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord4RetElectrical0
5719791979 Spanish Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord13RetGearbox0
5619791979 United States Grand Prix West result27WilliamsFord1034
5519791979 South African Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord19RetSuspension0
5419791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord13RetFuel System0
5319791979 Argentine Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord1590
5219781978 Canadian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord590
5119781978 United States Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord326
5019781978 Italian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord6130
4919781978 Dutch Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord11RetThrottle0
4819781978 Austrian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord15RetAccident0
4719781978 German Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord6RetFuel System0
4619781978 British Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord6RetTransmission0
4519781978 French Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord1452
4419781978 Swedish Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord9RetWheel0
4319781978 Spanish Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord1880
4219781978 Belgian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord11100
4119781978 Monaco Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord10RetOil Leak0
4019781978 United States Grand Prix West result27WilliamsFord870
3919781978 South African Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord1843
3819781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord8110
3719781978 Argentine Grand Prix result27WilliamsFord14RetFuel System0
3619771977 Japanese Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1243
3519771977 Canadian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord743
3419771977 United States Grand Prix result17ShadowFord13RetAccident0
3319771977 Italian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1634
3219771977 Dutch Grand Prix result17ShadowFord13RetEngine0
3119771977 Austrian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1419
3019771977 German Grand Prix result17ShadowFord17RetAccident0
2919771977 British Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1270
2819771977 French Grand Prix result17ShadowFord10RetTransmission0
2719771977 Swedish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord11170
2619771977 Belgian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1752
2519771977 Monaco Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1161
2419771977 Spanish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord14RetAccident0
2319771977 United States Grand Prix West result17ShadowFord14RetGearbox0
2219761976 Japanese Grand Prix result19SurteesFord2043
2119761976 United States Grand Prix result19SurteesFord1880
2019761976 Canadian Grand Prix result19SurteesFord20160
1919761976 Italian Grand Prix result19SurteesFord18120
1819761976 Dutch Grand Prix result19SurteesFord1680
1719761976 Austrian Grand Prix result19SurteesFord15RetAccident0
1619761976 German Grand Prix result19SurteesFord1410No Time0
1519761976 British Grand Prix result19SurteesFord1952
1419761976 French Grand Prix result19SurteesFord18RetSuspension0
1319761976 Swedish Grand Prix result19SurteesFord18130
1219761976 Monaco Grand Prix result19SurteesFord0RetCollision0
1119761976 Belgian Grand Prix result19SurteesFord1652
1019761976 Spanish Grand Prix result19SurteesFord2090
919761976 United States Grand Prix West result19SurteesFord19NCNo Time0
819751975 German Grand Prix result22HillFord2152
719751975 British Grand Prix result22HillFord28100
619751975 French Grand Prix result22HillFord20160
519751975 Dutch Grand Prix result22HillFord17130
419751975 Swedish Grand Prix result26HeskethFord19110
319751975 Belgian Grand Prix result26HeskethFord13RetAccident0
219751975 Monaco Grand Prix result26HeskethFord18RetWheel0
119751975 Spanish Grand Prix result25HeskethFord20RetAccident0

Teammate Comparison

Alan Jones Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1975HeskethJames Hunt11110000001304
Torsten Palm11100000001120
HillTony Brise572000002204
1976SurteesBrett Lunger51040000083101
Conny Andersson8250000001010
Divina Galica5282000001010
Henri Pescarolo592000008180
Noritake Takahara493000001010
1977ShadowArturo Merzario1229010001010
Jackie Oliver1790000000110
Jean-Pierre Jarier2690000000110
Renzo Zorzi15180000002020
Riccardo Patrese3613100007263
1979WilliamsClay Regazzoni1143324130105150
1980WilliamsCarlos Reutemann117149513010486
Desiré Wilson1279010001010
Geoff Lees1279010001010
Kevin Cogan1289010001010
Rupert Keegan1943030107070
1981WilliamsCarlos Reutemann114649220278510
1983ArrowsMarc Surer1450200000110
1986LolaEddie Cheever19180000000101
Patrick Tambay4542000069411

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